Linkbuilding is a major and unshakeable part of SEO. When we talk about backlinks, there are hundreds of ways to get high-quality backlinks to your website. These backlinks can be obtained organically, or they can be made by using black-hat strategies. 

You should be focused on creating all your links organically by struggling yourself. You should avoid buying any backlinks if you really want to play a long-term and safe SEO game on your website. It’s not very hard to get quality backlinks by using the white-hat link-building strategies.

Here we are going to discuss some white-hat SEO strategies that really work, and these practices can benefit your website for long term rankings. Let’s first clear our concept about Black-hat link building and White-hat methods.

Black-Hat vs. White-Hat Linkbuilding

Before you start building your links, you should know what kind of links there are? What kind of links are people making to get ranked? There are usually two types of strategies that people are using to build their links. 

  • Black-Hat Strategies
  • White-Hat Strategies

Black-hat backlinks are those that are made by bad SEO practices. People buy links from .edu or .gov websites because these domains are more authoritative. Many of them are using Public Blog Networks (PBNs). Google can penalize your website if you are trying to rank it by using some bad practices. Google wants you to do everything organically so that everything is balanced, and if you are going against them, then they will surely take action.

On the other hand, White-hat backlinking consists of all those strategies where you do everything organically. You can write a guest post for another blog to get a backlink from them, or you can use strategies like broken-link building. There are hundreds of possibilities to create quality links. You just have to do some real struggles in order to get those backlinks, but there are benefits as well. Your backlinks will benefit you for a longer period of time, and your website will become more authoritative in the long-run.

Now let’s discuss some real White-hat backlinking strategies to rock your SEO game.

Skyscraper Technique

The Skyscraper technique is simple, yet one of the effective link building strategies. Before implementing the actual technique, you should be clear about the keyword that you want to target. Once you have locked your keyword. Now it’s time to apply this technique. The technique consists of three important steps.

Step 1: So you have your targeted keyword? Now search that keyword on Google and open the top ten results appearing on Google’s first page. Check the content of those pages, check the co


ntent length, how it is arranged, and how many images or infographics they are using. You have to analyze deep the content of the website appearing at the first number for your search query. Once you are done analyzing the pages, now it’s time to move to the next step.

Step 2: After analyzing all the written articles on Google’s page, it’s time to brainstorm. You have to create better content then the results appearing on the top in order to make this techniq


ue work. Create a content layout before you start writing. Now write the content in long-form shape and cover all the aspects of your query that your competitor might not have covered. Add infographics as per need. Now post your article on your Blog and then move to the next step.

Step 3: As you have published your article, now it’s time to get quality backlinks in order to rank on number one. How can you do that? It’s pretty simple, and you have to analyze that from where your competitors are getting backlinks for that specific keyword. You can do it by using some free or paid tools such as UberSuggest or Ahrefs.

Once you have got a list of those websites, now collect their emails and then send them custom emails. Tell them that you have just created a piece of content that is relevant to the type of content they already linked. Ask them to link to you. It all depends upon your quality content and email that whether they are going to link to you or not.

7 White-Hat SEO Link Building Practices 1

Guest Posting


Guest posting is the topmost way to get backlinks to your website. Guest posts are really effective in getting the highest quality links from high authority websites such as news websites. It’s over to you that how you find guest posting opportunities in your market. You can make your own way, or you can use practices done by other marketers. 

So, first of all, you have to find some authoritative blogs where you can do a guest post. Not all blogs accept guest posts. So you have to find the right one. In order to find these websites in your niche, you can use the following Google dork.

YourNiche+ intitle:”write for us”

Let’s take an example. Let’s search for the guest post opportunities in the Fashion niche. So you have to place “Fashion” at the start of this dork. The final statement will look like this: Fashion + intitle: “write for us”

7 White-Hat SEO Link Building Practices 2

The results will look like this. Now you have got a number of websites that are accepting guest posts. You can read their criteria and write a guest post for them. It’s also recommended to check their website authority that whether it’s worth it to write a post for them. If the website is authoritative enough, then you can write a guest post with your backlink at your targeted anchor text. 

There are other ways to approach guest posts opportunities as well. You can directly approach someone in your industry and offer them a guest post. It depends upon you that how you pursue them to accept your guest posts. Give them a reason to do so, and they will happily accept your guest posts. 


HARO can do wonders for you. It is a platform that directly connects you with the journalists. You can email them, and you can write a post according to their needs. These journalists can provide you a direct backlink from a big news website such as Forbes or Entrepreneur. Join the platform to learn more about it’s working. If you are able to get even one or two backlinks from these authoritative news websites, they are powerful enough to boost your rankings.

Broken Link Building

This strategy is pretty simple, yet very effective. In a Broken Link Building strategies, you locate those articles or posts in your niche that has some broken links in them. 

Broken links are those links that were linked to a page at some point in an article, but now they are not working anymore. These links are of no use now because they do not take you to the desired destination page.

In this scenario, you get an opportunity to get that link replaced with your own relevant link. But how to find these links on different pages? It’s pretty easy, you can search for a broken link finder extension for your browser, or you can use tools like Ahrefs Site Explorer. If you are a Google Chrome user, then Check My Links extension is recommended. 

Once you have found any broken link at a page and you have a blog post written around their anchor text, then you have to contact the article author or website owner. Write them an email where you have to tell them about the broken link that they have on their website. Attach a screenshot and then, in the end, ask them to replace your link because it’s also relevant and can provide value to the user. If your content is relevant and good, then the site owner will probably replace your link, and in this way, a quality backlink will point to your website.

Competitors Backlinks

There will be other people working on the same niche as yours. You probably had already analyzed those competitors before you even started your own Blog, but if you haven’t made a list of your direct competitors, then it’s hard for you to beat them. 

Have you ever wondered why your competitors are so strong? There could be many reasons. Your competitor is maybe in the market for a long time. He is writing quality content, but there’s another crucial reason for their authority, and that is their connections or backlinks to be exact.

They have already made a ton of organic backlinks with the help of their content and other backlinking techniques. You can check their sources of links with the help of different tools such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and UberSuggest, etc. UberSuggest is free while the other two are paid. 

Once you have checked the websites that are linking to your competitor’s site, go and collect the emails of those backlink providers. Check if they are accepting a guest post or not. Write them an email and offer them a guest post. Communication is important, so do not beg for links. Give them a reason to link to you, and in this way, you can build highly authoritative backlinks by analyzing your competitors.

Links through Infographics Data

Detailed content and researched data can bring free organic links to your website without any struggle. There are many Bloggers who use this strategy to get thousands of high-quality backlinks from others. 

You can add a detailed research analysis in your post, which can help other people. You can also provide some useful information about something in your niche in the form of infographics. Make these infographics detailed and useful. People tend to engage more with these infographics. 

So if you decide to collect data about something in your market and then post it for free on your Blog, then people will automatically start to link to you if your data is useful for them. They will add your search analysis on their own website, and in return, they will give you a strong link. 

If you are using an Infographics, then make it as valuable as you can and then embed your link with that infographics. Now when someone copies your infographics to their website, they will surely give you a backlink because you are the copyright owner of that data. In this way, you have just to put effort into your content, and the backlinks will follow. 


Podcasts are another trending way to get backlinks from highly authoritative websites. You have to look for the creators who do podcasts with their guests. The creator should be from your industry so that you can talk about your industry on their podcast.

You can promote yourself in podcasts as well once you have done a successful podcast. The creator will upload the episode on their website. They will add your link in the podcast description. It will not only help you just to get a backlink, but people will start to see your Blog as a professional brand.

Links from Forums

Public forums such as Reddit or Quora are a great way to build links on public forms. You can answer the queries of other people, and in the end, you can attach a source that can be helpful for them on your website. In this way, you will be able to get a ton of traffic and a forum backlink. 

Forum backlinks do not directly benefit your website, but they can help you to engage a large number of audiences. You have just to answer the people based on their queries. Answer them and leave a valuable resource link for them. 


When there are easy and White-Hat SEO strategies, then you shouldn’t worry about going for any fast Black-Hat method. Just make these links time by time, and they will constantly help to boost your rankings. On the other hand, if you are going for paid links, then they may benefit you in the short-term, but for a long-term strategy, they are not going to work. Your rankings will fade, and in some cases, if Google detects any black-hat SEO techniques used, they can penalize your website.