Recruitment is an integral part of any university’s workflow. Students are generally very cautious when it comes to choosing the right school for themselves. Their expectations are always on the higher side and, therefore, you must plan beforehand on how you’ll be representing your school to ensure they drop your side with a factor of comfort.

Your university blog can surely act as one big factor to help you effectively understand how to attract students to your college.

While there are several important factors behind running a successful university blog, the following points you must surely consider if you want to drive maximum conversion from your blog:



1. Focus on student needs and interests

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a university blog is making it all about what you think makes the school look good. You need to work on shifting your perspective to what your potential students are thinking. Talk to your current students. Talk to students who come for a visit to the campus. Figure out what they’re interested in and what kind of questions they have. Shape your strategy for the blog around what they tell you.

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One of the most devastating mistakes you can commit to a college blog is to think all about the aspects that make a college look great. You must rather think from a student’s perspective. To include on your blog everything that will entice and pamper the students you can talk to your existing students or discuss the expectations of students who visit your campus before getting enrolled.

2. Recruit student bloggers

It all depends on the demographics. A professor might find it hard to convey something to the students or the students will not really relate to what someone unknown is writing on the blog. A student blogger can better understand what his or her fellow students would love to read. That way, he can easily convince them that the college is the one they are actually looking for.

3. Feature your faculty

A college blog must surely have a sacred corner for faculty people through which they can share their experiences with the students and prospective student. The faculty must be well informed about what they share and how they inspire the students with their own stories which must surely not be superficial but should rather be narrated in a tone the students can relate to easily. This way you can surely understand how to attract student to the college.

4. Share alumni stories

Alumni, those who’ve graduated from college, are the best people who can inspire future students. Share the success stories as well as some casual on-campus light moments they enjoyed in the premise while their tenure there. Giving prospective students a role model to follow certainly makes sense.

5. Make your blog mobile-ready

We are firmly in the mobile age and making your blog responsive enough to be opened and read easily on nay handheld device will impress the students.

6. Promote your college blog on social media

Most teens are social media fans and tend to spend a lot of their daily time online. You can surely make the most of their habit to understand how to attract students to your college. Sharing posts, pictures and other stuff related to your on-campus as well as off-campus activities on social media will influence them.

So these were the top 6 ways that can help you understand how to attract students to your college through a university blog. If you’ve any questions regarding this topic, then feel free to comment down below!