WordPress is a highly compelling CMS (Content Management System), although when you first install it for designing your website or improving your blogging platform you may not really think so. It has to be appreciated that WordPress has gained worldwide popularity with 75 million websites using it; representing over 28% of the complete Web. WordPress is essentially free and there are thousands of available WordPress plugins for designers to choose from. There are numerous graphic design plugins for WordPress with countless applications to enhance images and include visual effects in a very easy comprehensive way.

Moreover, the best thing about being a WordPress user is that you don’t need to be a professional programmer or web designer to know how to use WordPress plugins for web design; regardless of whether it’s your own or your client’s page that you’re working on. You can opt for some of the best WordPress plugins which are available on how to improve the usability and design of your website.

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1-Jetpack for WordPress

It wouldn’t be surprising if you’re already familiar with this outstanding web design plugin. Jetpack has more than 5 million active installations, the perfect plugin for WordPress users no matter what their level of expertise. This is an all-in-one WordPress plugin for web design with remarkable features such as theme customization, performance enhancements, security protocols and lots more!

WordPress beginners don’t have to install separate plugins for using Jetpack features of site stats, contact forms and a number of other handy modules. Power users may avail of features including related posts, CDN, and lazy loading – at no cost at all!

2-Akismet: Spam protection for your Website

This plugin is highly useful as a comment spam filtering service. The name was derived from Automatic and Kismet. Akismet grabs blog comment, submitted to a site, together with a host of related data and ascertains whether it’s spam or not by carrying out numerous tests. Akismet is a kind of pulse-checker of the WordPress community and hoards a large quantity of data used to verify a comment being spam or not. Over the years, Akismet has successfully captured billions of spam comments.

3- Everything you need to know about Yoast SEO

When it comes to SEO WordPress plugins, one of the most valuable tools worth having is the Yoast SEO plugin. This is a very popular plugin simply because Yoast is the ideal tool for making your site search engine friendly. This WordPress plugin can be conveniently installed on just about any self-hosted WordPress site. Apart from being easily comprehensive, it’s free! You do have the option of purchasing premium Yoast SEO extensions, but the free plugin offers you most of the important functions. With Yoast SEO you can avail of controlling titles and Meta descriptions, setting and tracking of targeted keywords, managing sitemaps, and lots more!

4-Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin

Slider Revolution enables you to create custom sliders by inserting options. You can select slide delay, custom fonts, navigation arrows, parallax backgrounds, insert buttons, slider location, add media layers, select slide transitions and more through the use of drop-down menus within the plugin. This plugin makes it possible for you to customize anything and everything.

5-W3 Total Cache

A quick-loading website is essential for keeping visitors happy and gaining more visitors. Yes, you really ought to take site-speed seriously. For this, you require the W3 Total Cache plugin to ensure your website scales as well as sustain huge traffic loads without crashing. Use this plugin to integrate with MaxCDN. It offers various caching abilities such as Browser Cache, Page Cache, Object Cache, Database Cache, CDN integration, etc. If you want more visitors to visit and buy from you, then this plugin is just what you need.

6-WP Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Another popular WordPress plugin for website design is WP Smush. It’s widely understood that any useful post is considered as incomplete without having a beautiful and relevant image added to it. Images are a prerequisite for better post optimization but they also lead to an increase in loading time. WP Smush is a WordPress plugin for compressing an image without degrading its size. On uploading an image, this plugin automatically compresses it. This gives you the advantage of keeping the image quality intact and not having to discard any image due to its loading time.

7-Google Analytics for WordPress by Monsterinsights

MonsterInsights is a leading Google Analytic WordPress plugin. It has more than 12 million downloads as well as over 1 million active installs. MonsterInsights enables the setting up of analytics with just a few clicks, and conveniently allows you to view your site’s performance. Watch how visitors locate and use your site from your dashboard on WordPress, helping you to enhance your audience and keep them returning to your site. The aim is to make analytics simple and offer you important stats.

8-MailChimp for WordPress

This is another very popular free plugin in the WordPress directory. It is used to create signup forms for MailChimp lists easily, enabling you to maintain contact with your visitors. Having an e-mail letter can prove to be challenging when it comes to building your list and gaining more subscribers. MailChimp for WordPress is highly recommended by its users and is another popular free plugin! Use it to efficiently create simple opt-in forms to insert in your posts and pages accompanied with shortcodes.

9-Social Icons for WordPress

Social icons are an easy way to display popular social icons through widgets. A widget can be dragged in your sidebars and settings can be changed from the widget form itself. Social icons are a simple customizable strategy to show icons linking visitors to your diverse social profiles. This easily enables you to select different profiles to link to, customizing the color and size of tooltips and managing icon size, with well-known Social Networks.

10-Disable Comments

This WordPress plugin is highly recommended for completely ridding your website of all unwanted comments or comment features. This plugin enables the global disabling of comments on any type of post, pages, and attachments preventing settings from being overridden for separate posts. You can also further remove any comment-related fields from various edit and quick-edit screens.

WordPress plugins are the perfect requirements for customizing the looks, functionality, and dynamics of a successful website. Plugin developers are always developing new techniques to solve old and new problems. It’s worth trying out some of the above-listed, high-rated plugins to further improve your website than it already is at present.