All businesses are at a crossroads with traditional methods of advertising and promotion failing. But all is not lost, as social media marketing offers an opportune way out.

Therefore, every business executive has to find a way to stay ahead of the curve and exploit the increasingly competitive market conditions. With the unparalleled and virtually limitless access to consumers, their preferences and likely courses of action, there is no better way for businesses that to embrace and exploit social media marketing.

Choosing the Right Platform

You must determine what consists of the optimal marketing platform for your organization. This requirement does not exclude the social media.

With a plethora of similar channels, picking the right platform is just as paramount as the social media marketing strategy a business adopts. Maybe more important at times.

To succeed as a medium of marketing your organization, the social media platform must meet certain requirements. These include ease of access for both customers and the marketing personnel; and the ability to act as the pathway through which corporate promotions are delivered to the target audience. On time.

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Of even more significance, however, is the possibility of launching advanced marketing functionalities using the chosen platform. Core functionalities include creation and management of promotional campaigns, communicating with possible leads among others.

To this end, while different social media services offer different propositions, they also present excellent opportunities for companies to engage with their publics.

social media marketing

social media marketing

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms for 2018

The most pertinent question, therefore, relates to the ‘where’ of marketing through the social media channels rather than the ‘how’. This article addresses that concern; reviewing the best platforms an organization may use to further its social media marketing efforts. This has been addressed below.


How many people can a company reach using Facebook Ads? Well, there are 2.23 billion active users every month (at the time of writing). That is the present cap.

This, coupled with a consistently growing amount of Ad revenue from Facebook promotions year or year make the platform one of the most successful in digital marketing. Ever.

Indeed, the innovative new features and Facebook marketing add-ons have made the platforms rank among the easiest to manage.

Some of the top Facebook marketing apps include Heyo Social which helps build and optimize fan pages through specialist widgets. Similarly, the Blazon Facebook app enables page admins to create promotional campaigns as well as contests which draw attention to the company or brand.


With more than 800 million visitors per month, Instagram offers a huge pool of likely sales leads able to transform any kind of business. For this reason, the platform has transformed into a major outlet for social media marketing activities. This includes advertising amongst others.

While the inability to post longer messages or add backlinks remains a concern, it has a plethora of tools for both personal and business profiles which make Instagram a core player in digital marketing.

This much has been evident for a long time. Indeed, the gross Instagram advertising revenue for all of global Instagram population has gradually increased over the years; rising from $0.63 billion in 2015 to over $6.84 billion in 2018. This represents a percentage increase of 985.71% in global revenue from Instagram advertising. The value outstrips any other industry in the same period.

Yet the growth remains uncapped. With numerous Instagram marketing tools to call upon, including the Sprout Social App for scheduling and Simply Measured for analytics, every interested party may now take upon Instagram marketing. However, the apparently infinite opportunities mean this is a social media marketing platform very much on the rise and the kind every marketer must fight to master. And, in time.


Finally, Twitter recently saw the error of their ways and doubled the character limit per tweet. Still, Twitter was always a force in digital marketing, with its monthly reach of 330 million people making the platform worth considering.

While there have been little adjustments over the years, the openness of the platform make reaching and spreading information is quite easy. This seems to have pleased quite a few marketers, with Twitter Ads and promoted content now the order of the day. When did you last scroll through your profile without seeing an Ad?

Just like the other social media marketing platforms, marketing tools, apps and widgets characterize this platform. From link shorteners such as to ‘thank you’ applications like, Twitter is presently set to promote as many engagements amongst users as possible.

These tools and apps ensure the message is not only delivered but heard as was intended.


Standing strong at 1.5 billion users each month is the mother of online video streaming: YouTube. In fact, YouTube is an effective marketing outlet for one reason only. We all love videos and we all can afford to sneak out of our busy schedules to grab and watch a video. Or two.

This has seen the platform run search engines very close in terms of popularity, and several competitors have been smothered. Your business will not be smothered if you dare ride the YouTube storm.

Buzzsumo is a key element of YouTube marketing, as it helps advertisers with creating content for the campaigns. Other similarly important YouTube marketing tools include GoAnimate which enables one to create animated videos with ease, as well as the Bulk Suggest Tool which facilitates the identifying of keywords and tags to use in the videos.

Other key YouTube marketing tools such as HootSuite and AgoraPulse help expand one’s reach on the platform, making the campaigns even more impactful.

Honorable Mentions

Unfortunately, there can never be unlimited ‘Bests’ of anything, and this is no different.

While these platforms lead the way in social media marketing, the likes of Snapchat, Reddit and Pinterest aren’t as far behind. This also means that competition in digital marketing is tighter here than we all imagine, with only the finer margins setting entities apart. Be among the best by consulting professional services.


Today, digital marketers are more inclined to use multiple social media marketing channels. This is a trend likely to persist into the future, with every marketing platform on a social media channel presenting unique opportunities.

However, more experienced advertisers are most likely to limit their advertising to one channel rather than becoming a jack of all trades. Or a marketer on all platforms.

We contend, therefore, that the social media marketing platform that an organization chooses depends more on the persons responsible and the goals set than it does on the performance of the platform as a marketing outlet.