Do you want to know how to start a social media campaign? Branding is incomplete without social media. Almost all great brands have their presence on social media platforms. The reason for the popularity of many brands is social media. Social media helps you to engage people with your brand. It doesn’t matter if they buy your service or not, but with the passage of time, they will come closer to your brand.

If you are not leveraging this huge social media availability you need to start a social media campaign today, then you are probably missing on a tremendous opportunity. With the help of social media marketing campaigns, you can increase your social media presence by reaching a large audience. 

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing includes all those marketing methods that help you to increase your social media presence to promote your service or product. Various social media platforms are present where you can engage people easily with social media marketing. 

Social media marketing is so powerful that you can get instant exposure on any platform by using the right marketing strategy. Social media marketing is also dependent on your business goals. Either you want to grow your audience or make more sales. According to your goals, you choose the best possible marketing strategy to make your way on social media.

Why you need SMM?

There are various reasons that many businesses use social media marketing. The foremost and common reason is to engage more people so that they can sell their products or service to them. Some brands may target to reach a huge audience worldwide to make their name in the market. Whatever your reason is, but you need SMM to take your business to another level.

The audience is the most important thing in most of the businesses. Without any audience, the business will shut down. On social media platforms, you get a chance to engage your targeted audience in a targeted market. When the maximum number of people start to engage with your brand, then you will see the maximum results coming in. 

Brand Recognition is an important factor for any brand. Businesses want more people to recognize their brand. In this way, a brand creates a trust factor in the user’s mind, and that user is now more likely to be their customer.

Major platforms for SMM

 Start A Social Media Campaign

There are various platforms with millions of users, but you have to choose some of them according to the type of your brand. Facebook is a platform where you will see every time of the audience and the businesses will throw the targeted adds for targeted groups of people. Many platforms give you a casual vibe. 

If you are running a food business, then you can start your marketing on various social media platforms because everybody loves food. In this way, the type of your business and the platform you are choosing matters a lot in social media marketing.

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular social media marketing platforms.


Facebook is a relaxed and chilled type of platform. You will find many types of audiences on Facebook, but mostly facebook is a casual type of platform. The casual vibe doesn’t mean that this platform is of no use. Facebook holds it’s marketing power. 

According to a study by Hootsuite, 78% of the consumers present in the U.S buy many products through just facebook. You can use infographics and images on this platform to engage more people because that’s what people are looking for. Stay active and be regular to engage with your audience; otherwise, you may end up with fewer people. 


Social media marketing isn’t just limited to text and graphics. Youtube is a platform that helps to promote your business through videos. Videos are the most engaging and powerful tool to increase your sales by connecting to more people. 

People tend to be easily engaged with a video than a written text. If you are able to develop an interest in the user’s mind, then the visitor will probably watch your whole video, and it’s an easy way to convince your viewer to buy your product or service.

Your youtube content should be engaging. Just like Facebook, youtube is full of various types of audiences. Just create engaging content, and people will ultimately come to you. 


Another huge platform with a whopping 250 million active users to start a social media campaign. These users are mostly on Pinterest to buy products. Pinterest is an image-based platform where you upload your “pins” with a link to your product or website, and when a user gets engaged with your pin, he or she clicks on it and lands directly to your website.

However, Pinterest is more focused on woman audience, which means that it is the best platform if you are promoting any woman related brand or product.


You may have seen models and celebrities on Instagram showcasing their portfolio. Instagram is the best approach if you want to showcase the images or short videos related to your product. You can add a little description of the image, and by using Instagram hashtags, you will be able to reach your audience. 

Instagram is very popular for it’s “stories” feature. You put a story on Instagram (it could be an image or short clip), and people view the story. After 24 hours, the story disappears. The stories are really engaging. If you are able to engage people with your stories, then people may get addicted to your stories, and they will visit them every day. In stories, you get a “swipe up” option after a number of followers. You can utilize that swipe-up option to directly send your visitor from your story to your product or any type of landing page.


 Start A Social Media Campaign

There are many different ways to start a marketing campaign. You must have a strategy or plan before you jump into the process. You will likely fail if you are just jumping in without a strategy. There are steps that you can follow to start the best social media marketing campaign right now. 

Purpose of your Campaign

First of all, ask yourself a question about why your business & brand needs a social media marketing campaign. When you are done asking that question, now decide the purpose of your campaign that you want to fulfil. Your purpose could be anything like

  • More engagement on social media.
  • Get more leads through social media.
  • Sell your product or service through social media.
  • Brand awareness through social media.

Before you jump into the strategic part, decide the purpose and be clear about it when you start a social media campaign. You may want to use social media for multiple purposes, and that’s perfectly fine. You can use social media for engaging people and making sales at the same time. 

Setting Goals

To start a social media campaign you need to set your analytic goals. Start your social media and set your monthly and weekly goals for the campaign. Do not just set a single goal and run towards it, divide your big goal into little sub-goals or milestones and then achieve it.

Imagine, you want to complete one thousand followers on a social media platform like Instagram in just one month; this is a goal. If you want to make two sales per day through social media, this is a goal as well. Set your goals accordingly and move step by step. 

Making your daily and weekly goals can help you a lot when you start a social media campaign. Do not go for unmeasurable goals that you cannot accomplish. Do some maths and target the right path to achieve your goal.

Selecting Social Media Platforms

In this step, you need to test and try various platforms that work best for you to start a social media campaign. You may try four or five platforms at once to apply your social media marketing campaign. Upload the best possible content and keep an eye on your performance for each platform.

You should spend some time on each of the platforms to see the results. In the end, you have to analyze those platforms that are working best for you. Now filter these platforms and select two or three that are performing well. Put all your effort into these performing and engaging platforms, and you will see the results yourself.

Select a platform according to the audience and the type of your business. If you are in a professional market, then LinkedIn may work best for your business, or if you are in something casual just like a food restaurant, then facebook can work fine for you.

Choose your social media Theme

If you are working on two or three social media platforms, then you have to keep the same theme of all your social media accounts. The theme of social media depends upon the following factors.

  • Logo and Color Schemes.
  • Your company description.
  • Engaging and chatting with customers.
  • Customer service and support.
  • Posting format.
  • Customer Interaction.

Keep everything balanced on all of your social media platforms. You should treat the customers in the same way on all the platforms. You should add your logos to all your social media accounts. Brand your logo so that people can easily recognize you by just watching your logo. The colour schemes of your images and the content you upload should also be the same on all platforms. This helps your brand to stand out from the others.

Planning your Content

Generating your content is one thing while planning or schedule is a different thing. First, you have to get your content ready so that you do not have to wait too long to start posting on your social media accounts. Once you are done generating all the content, including infographics and images, now you have to schedule the content.

Planning is important to achieve anything. You can use an excel sheet to plan your content. Create a list of your social media accounts, mention dates and days and plan your content there. Ask yourself these questions for better planning

  • How your competitors are engaging people?
  • What hashtags should you use to increase your reach?
  • What kind of content you have to share on each platform?
  • What titles or keywords you will use?

You should also know the peak times of various platforms when there are more active users on that platform. Once you determine those peak times by experimenting yourself, now try to upload your content on those exact timings. This will surely increase your engagement rate, and you will be able to achieve more by just change your content timings. Most weekends are the most engaging days on most platforms. 

Set your Budget

Social media marketing is not that expensive when you start a social media campaign. You may have to spend some money on content creation, or if you are new, then you can create it yourself by using various free tools available online. 

If you want to try social media advertising, then you have to set up a budget for that. If you are just starting, keep your budget low and check how it ’s working. Always try to narrow down your targeted audience while you are advertising your business; it will give you better results. Facebook advertising helps you to reach your targeted audience at very low prices. In this way, you can promote your business to nearby areas or wherever you want.

Get your Tools ready

To start a social media campaign you may want to create your content yourself; in this case, you can search for many free tools such as Canva to create free graphics content. Likewise, you can create beautiful videos for your business. If you want everything to be professional, then hire any freelancer to get your work done.

Track Yourself

Now, after you start a social media campaign, you cannot just leave it. You have to track all the analytics to see how your campaign is performing. Is it generating your desired results? Are you achieving your goals? If Yes, then congratulations and if you are far away from your goals, then you should change your strategy. 

Tracking your social media campaign can help you to generate better results. You will be able to see the content where people are more likely to engage. You can reuse the same content strategy to get the best results.