SEO and PPC, many people are confused about these two terms. These two are marketing strategies which are not similar. Both of these strategies have their pros and cons. You cannot say that PPC is better than SEO or vice-versa.

SEO is a free type of marketing in which you do not actually pay money if you are doing it by yourself. On the other hand, PPC is a type of marketing where you have to pay money.

These two methods have one most significant similar factor. Both of these both marketing techniques are used to drive quality traffic to your website. So how they are different? Let’s see.

SEO & PPC (Defined)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a marketing technique that is used by blogs and businesses to improve their rankings on search engines (mostly Google). 

It includes all those things that play an essential part in improving your search engine rankings. SEO is a time taking process, and sometimes you do not get desired results because your competitors are too strong to beat. If you are hiring any experts to get SEO done for you, then it will cost you money, but the experts will maximise the benefits.

Another bright side of SEO is that when your website is ranked, you will get a lot of traffic without any further effort. This traffic can last for years if you keep updating your website content. SEO is mainly divided into two parts.

  • On-Page SEO – It includes all those techniques and methods which can improve the quality of your website and content; it includes website speed, content improvement etc.
  • Off-Page SEO – Off-page SEO is mainly done to make your site authoritative for the search engines. It includes backlink building techniques.

Paid Search Advertising (PPC) or pay-per-click advertising is a way to rank your website on search engines by paying money. Many businesses use this technique to get a boost or sales for their business instantly. PPC is for those businesses who have a budget to spend on marketing.

You get quality traffic instantly after you have set up your ads campaign using Google Ads. Unlike SEO, PPC works fast to provide instant results. However, there are specific rules for PPC ads as well, but you can easily fulfil Google Ads requirements if your website has quality content and your content is relevant to your targeted keywords.

The search engines, specifically Google, has an ad auction system for PPC. The Google checks for two main factors before they show your ads on the top of their SERP. The first thing Google checks is the bid placed by the marketer, and secondly, it checks your content that whether it’s relevant to your targeted keyword or not. 

Organic vs Paid Traffic

You can get traffic coming to your website by either paying for it or by achieving it organically. These two approaches are totally different, but they serve the same purpose of driving the quality traffic to your website. 

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is a result of your own smart work and patience. SEO totally brings you the organic type of traffic. Once you have ranked your website on search engine with legal SEO practices, you will be able to retain this organic traffic for a long period of time without any cost. It is the beauty of organic rankings. 

If you are starting your blog, then it may take six months to one year for ranking your website in a medium competition niche, and it requires your hard work. If you are not dedicated to your work on a daily basis, then you will not be able to rank. The process takes time, but at the end of it, you will be able to get a lot of traffic depending upon your niche. 

Paid Traffic

PPC surely provides you with a chance to get more quality traffic to your website, but it’s the paid type of marketing. It means that you have to pay a certain amount in order to show your website on the top of search results. 

The results are fast with PPC. It takes no time to rank your website on number one but only if your content is relevant and your offered bid price is enough. Instant results are the main reason for the use of PPC ads. 

PPC is utilised by both new and big brands. Big brands are always willing to stay on top; that’s why they use PPC, whereas new brands are willing to recognise their name and make some sales to get started. They run PPC ads to increase their conversion rate. 

However, PPC ads provide you with the fastest results, but these results are for a limited time. Your website will stay on top until your campaign is running. Once you stop spending more money on PPC, your rankings will vanish.

SEO & PPC Elements


You have learnt that what both marketing models do and why they are different. Now it’s time to learn about the major components of both SEO and PPC marketing models. Have a Look:

Elements of SEO

SEO is obviously a great way to get instant traffic for a long period of time, but there are various things that you need to accomplish within SEO to make it work. SEO has many parts, on-page, off-page, technical, link-building and other different strategies. 

By combining all of them, you are close to your desired results, but the results are not always a hundred per cent guaranteed. It depends upon your research if you perform in-depth research around your niche and you plan an SEO campaign accordingly, then there are high chances for you to dominate your market. You should know your direction; otherwise, you will fail.

SEO is the game of content. The content always comes first, and all other strategies come second. The better your content is, the more chances are there for you to rank. Content is the most crucial component of SEO.

Before writing your content, you should know what keywords and search query you are targeting. Check the top website results for your keyword research. Check all the website that are already ranking for that keyword and then analyse their content. Think of how you can beat them to get on number one otherwise, and there is no chance for you to rank. 

Your website needs to be fully optimised in order to rank. It should be mobile and desktop friendly, and your page loading speed should be fast. 

Elements of PPC

You may have searched for any popular keyword on Google. You will see that the first four results are the ads placed by Google. These ads are a part of some company’s PPC campaign. With every ad on Google’s search result page, a little “ad” tag is added before the URL. 

Let’s take an example of “web hosting” when you will search this query, you will see the following type of results.

PPC vs SEO: What's the Difference? 1

Here you can see that the first four results are PPC ads. These ads are placed for the web hosting search query, and the ads may show up on other keywords related to web hosting as well. Under these four paid results, you will see the pages that are organically ranked by someone using SEO. 

To set up these ads on Google, we use Google Ads. Google ads provide you with every statistic related to your campaign. You will get an idea to target the best keywords relating to your market. Google Ads will calculate your ROI and conversion rate. You will be able to see how your campaign is performing until now. 

The ads are of basically two types. First, there are the ads placed directly on the search result page of Google, these types of ads seem organic, and they are not easily recognisable. Other ads are placed on various websites who use Google Adsense. These ads are called display ads, and they are mostly used for retargeting purposes. 

Benefits of SEO & PPC

PPC vs SEO: What's the Difference? 2

Both SEO and PPC possess a lot of benefits in common. The biggest common benefit is quality traffic that you get from both marketing techniques. Let’s have a look at there benefits one by one.

SEO Benefits

As SEO brings organic traffic for us. It provides us with many long-term benefits. 

Brand Awareness

You want more people to reach you? Yes, of course, every brand want’s the same. With proper SEO, you will be able to reach more people, and these people will become aware of your brand. Once they recognise you, they may get interested in your product or service, and you may get a sale.


When you use SEO to promote your business, you become visible to more people. This increases your credibility in front of people and visitors. If you are on the top of the search results organically, people trust you more because you have done everything by yourself, which makes you more credible.

Long-term rankings

SEO helps you to rank for a long period of time. You do not have to pay in order to stay in the first place. You have to make efforts to get on that position, but once you are on the top, then you can stay there for years, and you will keep getting traffic for long-term.


SEO is not very expensive. You can do it yourself if you have enough skills, but it’s a very cost-effective way of marketing. You may hire some experts to do the SEO for your business, and that’s the point where you have to pay money for SEO marketing.

More Traffic

With the help of SEO, you will be able to get millions of traffic if your ranked keywords have enough search. This huge amount of traffic can help you in many ways to generate some income. The quality of the traffic is not as much as in PPC, but still, it helps to make handsome income. 

Better Strategies

There are hundreds of SEO strategies that can amazingly generate excellent results for you. You can make your own strategy after analysing your market and your competitors. You should have a good strategy to dominate the market. It also depends upon your market that how hard is it to rank for you.

PPC Benefits

PPC is an instant approach to get a huge amount of quality traffic. Some benefits of PPC resonate with SEO benefits, but still, PPC keeps its differences.

Position on page

As we know, the first four positions on the Google SERP are for ads. However, most of the keywords may not contain ads because no one is targeting them for PPC campaign. When you run a PPC campaign, you will be on the top of the page for specific keywords. In this way, the quality traffic will surely come to your website. 

Instant boost

PPC gives us an instant boost. This boost sometimes proves to be more powerful than any other marketing strategy. If we combine both marketing techniques, we will see some excellent results.


While we set up PPC ads, we have the authority to select our targeted audience to whom we want to show our ads. It makes this marketing technique very special because you are only getting those visitors who are actually interested in your market. 


PPC is expensive, but ROI is also super. The costs are totally dependent on your targeted keywords. If more people are bidding for the same keyword, then costs will be high, and it also depends upon the search volume for that keyword. You have to pay a lot (per-click), but once you start getting conversions, this cost means nothing to you. 


SEO and PPC both hold their own value. You cannot say that one is better than the other. However, if you use both of them combined, you will see some good results coming in. So do not confuse both of these marketing terms. If you are on a low budget, go for SEO, but if you have enough budget, then you should try PPC for your business.