When we talk about Paid Search Marketing, it mostly means pay-per-click or PPC marketing. PPC marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing. 

Your business needs SEO, whether it’s a small or large scale business. If you are on a budget, then PPC is not for you. PPC requires investment in order to get quality traffic. If you have enough budget, then PPC can obviously help your business in many different ways.

There are other marketing techniques present in the market as well such as SEO, Email Marketing etc. but what makes PPC different? 

  • PPC is a paid marketing technique.
  • PPC shows instant results.
  • PPC brings valuable traffic.

What is PPC marketing?

In PPC marketing model, ads are posted by the publisher (mostly search engines) to get more traffic on your website. Businesses require a large amount of traffic for their website to generate income by selling there product and service, but there are a lot of other reasons for PPC marketing. Some big brands may use PPC to promote themselves so that more people can recognize them and use their service.

PPC is for those businesses who can afford paid search marketing. If you are starting and you are on a low budget, then email marketing is said to be most effective and inexpensive.

Reasons to use PPC marketing

Imagine you have just started a business and you hired someone for the SEO of your business. The market where you want to rank your website is already filled with strong competitors. These competitors have strong positions, and they will not be outranked easily. It may take you more than one year to rank your website for your market. Now, what you will do?

As SEO is a time taking process, you will, of course, go for PPC if you are smart enough and you have enough budget. However, there is a little competition in PPC ads as well but not in all niches. 

The higher the bids you place, the more chances are there to rank for number one in PPC, but Google also checks for other things such as your content quality and content relevancy. They use an ad auction system to decide the position for different PPC participants. They will see the bid amount and the content quality of the bidder. If the content is of low quality, then they will ignore you. For all these reasons, PPC is effective because you see instant results by paying money.

How does PPC marketing work?

Unlike SEO, Google has an entirely different system to rank PPC ads. You can rank on Google by two methods.

The SEO method is free. Anybody can come and do SEO for their website without any cost, but it never works like that. It requires a lot of patience and hard work for a long-term and still, there is no guarantee for you to rank. On the other hand, PPC is a paid method, and it works instantly. You have to complete some steps and fulfil the Google PPC requirements, and you will be ranking on number one in Google’s SERP results. 

You should have a Google Adwords account in order to set up your adds. Any PPC ads expert can do it better for you, but it is totally your choice how you want it to be done. 

PPC ranking rules

PPC marketing is not as tough as it seems. You have to enter the auction in order to place your ads, but before that, you have to specify, whom you will be targeting and on which keywords you will target your audience? Narrow it down to get the best results out of your PPC campaign. 

Google makes sure that everyone is benefited by this PPC model, both advertiser and the publisher. The ads will be placed according to your options, but first, you have to enter the auction. 

Now if you are in a competitive market, then there will be other PPC competitors as well. Google will look for two things to decide your ranking positions in the top four or five results. These things are

  • Your CPC Bid
  • Your Content Quality

The higher the bid you place, the more chances you get to win the first position in SERP. The bid is not only the factor. Google will check for your content quality before they rank you if your content is well written then Google will pass you for PPC ads but if your PPC competitor’s content is better then you then there are strong chances that Google will award them the first position.

Importance of keywords

Keywords should be used with care because your whole PPC game is dependent on your keywords. Using the wrong keywords can lead you to the failure of your PPC campaign. There are many tools available online that you can use to complete your keyword research. Here are a few tips to level up your keyword targeting game for better results:

Use of Negative Keywords: Negative keywords can always save you from huge losses. Negative keywords are those keywords which are not related to your business or landing page. These keywords mean nothing to you. If your ads are placed on negative keywords, you will lose money, and your PPC campaign will not generate the desired results. There is a filter option available in Google Adwords to filter all negative keywords that you do not require.

Narrow it down: Do not use single or double word keywords because they could be too broad for your business, and they will be costly too. So target long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are also searched a million times. These specific keywords should be related to your product or service you are providing, and your landing page must relate to it as well.

Make it relevant: Google PPC system will straightaway ignore you if you try to rank your PPC ad on irrelevant keywords. Google is very strict about its policies, so always keep your content as relevant as possible. In this way, there will be increased chances for you to rank on number one.

PPC Marketing Strategies

PPC Strategies and it's Working 1

A strategy is always important for any marketing technique, whether it’s SEO, Email-marketing or any other method. The strategy decides the success of your campaign. You should always go with a strong strategy before you invest your money. 

You should get a good ROI (return-on-investment), and it is only possible when you will implement the right strategy at the right place. Have a look at these strategies to make an effective PPC campaign for yourself.

Ad Copy Testing

Your ad copy is another crucial factor that should be clear and engaging. If your ad copy is not good then the user will not click on your website, he will give you a post impression. You cannot get perfect for your first ad copy until you are experienced enough. The solution to this problem is A/B testing. 

The A/B testing allows you to test various ad copies. These copies are then analyzed to see which of them are performing the best and what improvements your ad copy needs. This process requires a little more effort from your side, but in the end, its worth it. 

Before you get various ad copies ready, make the following things clear in your mind:

  • The need of your audience.
  • What makes you stand out.
  • Why your product is special? 
  • Do you copy resonates with the landing page?

With Google Ads, A/B testing is very easy. You can easily start a testing campaign in AdWords. Once you are done collecting enough data that which ad is performing the best then it’s time to use that ad copy, and now it will become easy for you to run a successful campaign as you have passed the testing phase.

Use other platforms too

Google isn’t the only search engine to practice your PPC marketing campaigns. There are bing and other social networks present as well. However, their working and strategies are different, but they are a part of PPC. Google provides great ROI for different businesses, but it doesn’t mean that you should ignore other platforms or search engines for PPC marketing.

Investing in social media advertising is a great way to connect with your audience; you can crack successful deals on social media as well. The same ad copy concept works perfectly fine for social media. 

You should always split your advertising budget for different platforms. Test out Google, Facebook, Bing, Instagram ads etc. and see which one works best for you. If Google is converting better, then you should stick with it. Never invest all at once. Make small investments first, and if everything is working pretty fine, then you can increase your investment. 

Benefit from voice search

Voice searches are rapidly increasing. Every month, a billion voice searches are done. Many people now prefer voice search over a text search. 

If you utilize voice search within your PPC strategy, then you will surely get an increase in your revenue. You need data from your past campaigns in order to make this strategy work. 

Analyze the previous campaign carefully and collect every bit of information which is related to voice search. Now create a new PPC campaign with the voice search strategy. Do not forget to implement the A/B testing again and then wait and keep track of coming visitors. 

It is also possible that your type of business may not have enough data related to voice searches. In this case, you can ignore this strategy, and there is nothing to worry about.

Remarketing strategy

Remarketing is cool because you are targeting those people who are already interested in your product or your service. Many businesses totally ignore remarketing for whatever reasons, but it is very effective. Your targeted audience is already interested in your product so what to bother? You may get more conversions if your ad copy is good enough. 

Google allows you to launch your remarketing campaign after you reach a number of the targeted audience. Once you reach that number, you can easily retarget people and then see the results of whether it’s performing best for you or not.

PPC marketing benefits

PPC Strategies and it's Working 2

PPC marketing offers you a ton of benefits. You get your targeted audience, and this audience can do very well for you. Have a look at some of its benefits.

High Conversion Rate

When targeting audience will come to your landing page, and you are able to persuade them into buying your product, then your conversion rates will originally increase. Create a demand for your product and sell your product. 

Fast Results

PPC generates you fast results that’s why its paid. It’s not like SEO where you have to wait for months, it’s just a matter of days and sometimes even quicker. If you have done everything correctly, then the results will be generated faster than you think and you will see sales coming in.

PPC is measurable

PPC marketing provides us with all user data that is beneficial for us. It tells us about the impression, click, conversions and cost per click. In this way, it becomes easy for you to manage your budget. You will be able to see how your campaign is performing, and then you can decide on further strategies accordingly. 

Brand Recognition 

Almost every marketing strategy helps you to make your brand more recognizable. More people get aware of your brand, and they create an image about it, whether it’s positive and negative. Your brand forms a connection with your audience, and sometimes your loyal customers start to promote or suggest your brand to others.


PPC strategies are always superb, and Google always ranks your PPC ads according to their rules. Just select the right path; do not find any shortcuts. Get ready your own strategy, and you may need the help of an expert. Hire an expert team to work with you and keep track of analytics by yourself.