Imagine you are starting your business, and you want instant exposure in your specific market. You may think of doing proper SEO for your business website, but we all know that SEO needs time. You cannot expect from SEO to instantly push your business to derive more sales.

So now what to do? How can you gain instant exposure to your market? The solution is simple, but it needs investment from your side, and once it’s all set up, you will get instant results if your landing page is engaging more visitors.

Growth with PPC

PPC (pay-per-click) is the solution to instant growth and more sales. In a PPC model, you pay search engines or other platforms to show your results on the top spots, that can be easily accessible for the visitors.



How PPC works

To display your ads on the top of search engine result page, you have to use Google AdWords. Google uses a system known as Ad Auction to decide which ads they will show in the first place and which ads are to be shown in second place. 

Paying higher rates will not make your ad page appear on top. Google assess many things before it ranks an Ad page. Google looks for content relevancy and other factors such as quality etc. to make sure that right ads are placed on the right spots.

How search engines charge you?

Search engines will never charge you based on user impressions. Once a user comes to your landing page, then the search engine will charge you the amount per-click that was decided at the start. You have to play smart to get the most out of it.

Now it’s time to discuss all the benefits that you get after you set up your PPC campaign.



Everybody wants to expand their business as soon as they can by getting more leads and more sales. There are a lot of ways to grow a business slowly but investing some money makes it easy for your business to grow exponentially in a short period. 

PPC makes it all easy, and it cuts most of the SEO hardships you face during your typical business journey. So let’s jump right into the benefits of PPC.

High Conversion Rate

Setting up a PPC campaign will directly benefit your business by getting more sales. You have to deliver it right to the visitor. If your landing page is good enough to attract a visitor, then that visitor will surely convert to your new buyer.

The main reason to run a PPC campaign is to get a visitor to your website that could be interested in buying your service or product. Once a visitor is on your website’s page, you can expect a lot from them, but you have to be expert enough to make a sale. Copywriters are those people who can help you to write some engaging content and taglines around your product/service.

High conversion rate depends upon many factors, including how you present your product and how you are creating a demand for the product in the visitor’s mind.

Tracking Accessibility

The fantastic part of PPC is that you get every tiny bit of information about the traffic, impressions and everything going on your website landing page. We mostly use Google as our PPC campaign part and Google provides us with a lot of data about the behaviour of visitors who are clicking on your link or are just scrolling by leaving an impression. 

It clearly shows how your ads are performing and how many searchers are converting to your visitors. As we mentioned above, the search engine must send a right visitor to the right page. Everything else has to be done by you after the user is actually on your website.

You’ll get all data including the time spent by a user on your website, whether they clicked your ad or not and many more things in Google Analytics associated with your website.

Sudden Boost

It is possible that your strong competitors already fill the market in which you want to sell your service or products, and it will, of course, take a lot of time to outrank them. Now if you are willing to invest some money to generate sales, then PPC can give you a boost, and it will become easy for you to surpass your competitors.

On the other hand, SEO will take time, and if you are in a very competitive market or otherwise, you’ll be unable to rank because other giants are holding the first position in Google SERP. 

PPC opens new doors for your new customers, and once you get some customers by getting a PPC boost, then you can retain those customers as well. You can collect their emails or use some other strategies to stay connected with them for an extended period, and they’ll pay if you are providing them value. 


Running a PPC campaign is not that risky if you start slow. You will first invest a little to see whether it’s working for you or not. Once your landing page is deriving some sales, now you can spend more to reach more customers and to get more deals. 

You can keep testing everything you want to see what’s working for you and what are deriving more sales. It will take time to choose the right working thing for your product or service, but by making constant improvements, you will be able to gain more customers.

In this way, you are eliminating all the risk because you aren’t making a one-time investment, but you are working according to a PPC strategy up your sleeves. 

You can narrow down your keywords range, and there is an option to add negative keywords as well where you do not want to show your ads. 

Right Audience 

The audience is a crucial part of your business. You are doing everything for your audience, buyers and visitors, and you have to target them accordingly. Suppose you are trying to sell coffee mugs and the audience is coming to your website to buy jewellery. Does that make sense? Of course not because the user is not interested in your product and you are wasting your click by targeting the wrong audience.

You’ll see the impact straight away, if your conversion rate is meagre then it could be possible that your targeted audience is not correct, you may target wrong keywords, but with the help of an expert, you can successfully run your PPC campaign without any risk.

Brand Authority

PPC ads are not only to get more sales and customers, but they are also effective and widely used to promote your new brand name in the market. You can get a little benefit from your visitors by collecting their emails.

You can promote your brand name without even launching the product, to create a hype in the market. People will be curious to see your service and outcome if you engage them correctly and once they become interested, they will happily provide you with their email and with those emails you can reach them once your product or service is launched. 

By utilising it correctly, you can get repeat sales from the same customers. This will also increase your brand loyalty and at some point, you’ll be able to get enough customers that there will be no need to run more PPC ads. 

PPC traffic converts more

PPC traffic derives more sales than organic visitors because while you are setting PPC ads for a specific keyword which are searched by people to buy something such as service or a product. 

As you are on the top of Google SERP, people will likely click your page, and they’ll buy the product if you are engaging them actively.

Targeted Traffic

PPC promoting is incredibly focused. Much the same as a natural pursuit, you can target by watchwords. Be that as it may, as a sponsor, you will have further developed types of targeting choices. You can target your advertisements in different areas.

You can target many keywords simultaneously. You can likewise target individuals by their online practices and interests. PPC promoting offers a more elevated level of exactness than the natural pursuit and common types of publicising.

Budget is under-control

With regards to setting a promoting spending plan, it’s all up to you. With PPC publicising, you set your financial limit. You can without much of a stretch increment your monetary limit or abatement it. PPC publicising enables you to have full oversight of the fate of your promoting effort. 

In some case, this free choice can cause issues down the road for you. If you underspend, you may not get enough introduction to spend. If you overspend on an inappropriate promotion battle, you can squander a large number of dollars. Utilise a PPC administration service to abstain from burning through valuable cash and time to acquire deals.

Real-time check

A significant advantage of PPC promoting is the real-time view of it. You can take a gander at your outcomes real-time. Furthermore, if you are not content with the results, you can make acclimations to your battle quickly to make modifications. This is fundamentally unrealistic with different types of promoting. 

On the off chance that you put resources into radio TV advertisements, promotions, or print media, you can’t change your promotion quickly if you don’t get results. You should do what needs to be done and assume the misfortune. PPC publicising can assist you with cutting your misfortunes promptly and make changes in accordance with acquiring transformations.

Local Sales

PPC publicising can drive disconnected deals. In the event that you have a physical area, your clients are probably going to come into your store in the wake of seeing one of your advertisements. Even though the exchange didn’t occur on the web, their adventure started with an online hunt. This pattern is probably going to increment as clients depend on web crawlers to manage their buying choices.

PPC is instant

On the off chance that you’ve invested any measure of energy attempting to move around the perplexing arrangement of rules Google makes for SEO advertisers, you realise exactly how disappointing it tends to be to stay aware of. Between normal, bumpy updates and perpetual mystery about which components convey the most weight, SEO takes a great deal of time and consistency before it starts to pay off. 

While PPC promoting encounters refreshes too, they’re not so visiting or problematic as those that influence the SEO side of things. In this way, regardless of what Google calculation gets changed straightaway, your PPC advertisements will keep on working predictably with no tweaking required.

Re-targeting Opportunity

Be good enough to retain your customers. Never miss them even if they do not purchase your product for the first time. Try hard to connect with them, and once you are connected, it will be easy for you to target them again. There will be a list of people who are interested in your product and service.

Now even if your PPC ads are not running but you are connected to people interested in your service or product. You can offer discounts to those people to make them your customer. Once they are in your customer list, you can again target them, and this time you can get more profit because the trust is now built between you and the customer. 


With no doubt, PPC marketing is one of the best ways to expand your business. You will see an exponential growth if everything is done professionally and there is a little to no risk of losing your money. You will get perfect after trying and testing different strategies, but a PPC campaign should be planned before the actual process.

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