There are many different ways of marketing your business. Some marketing methods are paid and show you instant results while other methods are free. The PPC is one of those paid marketing techniques that help you get instant results. Free marketing techniques include SEO. 

No matter what, your business always needs some kind of online marketing to grow gradually or even exponentially. The concept of digital marketing includes everything that can help you to boost your business growth. There are marketing goals behind every successful marketing technique. These goals could be more revenue or more sales. You may want to get more traffic on your website, and in many cases, you want to increase your number of sales. To get the fastest and best results, we use PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising. It is an advertising model where you invest some money to promote your business, products, and services on search engines and other platforms. The PPC shows you instant results. You do not have to sit back and wait for some time to see the results just like you do in SEO. However, when you combine PPC advertising and SEO marketing, then you get the best possible results that you can expect.

According to recent data, a user who spends $1 on a PPC campaign earns $2 in return. This is the power of PPC ads. You can even get higher returns on your ads investments. Your PPC campaign should be designed carefully; otherwise, you may fail. You should know how to do the research and select the best keywords to run a PPC campaign. Hiring an expert marketing company is a great option as they will do everything for your business to maximise the results.

How PPC Works?

The working of PPC ads is simple. However, some people may find it confusing. Here are some steps for the working of PPC ads

  • You publish your PPC ads on Google by using Google Adwords.
  • A user searches from your targeted ad keyword, and he clicks your website ad.
  • As the cost per click is already decided, you will be charged according to your CPC.
  • The user may get engaged and buy your product or service.

These four steps describe the whole model of PPC ads and their working. If we specifically talk about Google, there is an ad auction system through which Google analyses your ad bids Adword competition. 

Once you have successfully placed your ad on your targeted keyword, your ad will be now visible on the Google search result page. It doesn’t matter how competitive is that keyword from the SEO perspective. In PPC ads, they have their own system. There is competition in PPC as well, but you can easily rank through it if your content is great and your bid is good. 

Keywords Importance in PPC

Keywords should be used with care because your whole PPC game is dependent on your keywords. Using the wrong keywords can lead you to the failure of your PPC campaign. There are many tools available online that you can use to complete your keyword research. Here are a few tips to level up your keyword targeting game for better results:

Use of Negative Keywords: Negative keywords can always save you from huge losses. Negative keywords are those keywords that are not related to your business or landing page. These keywords mean nothing to you. If your ads are placed on negative keywords, you will lose money, and your PPC campaign will not generate the desired results. There is a filter option available in Google Adwords to filter all negative keywords that you do not require.

Narrow it down: Do not use single or double word keywords because they could be too broad for your business, and they will be costly too. So target long-tail keywords because long-tail keywords are also searched a million times. These specific keywords should be related to your product or service you are providing, and your landing page must relate to it as well.

Make it relevant: Google PPC system will straightaway ignore you if you try to rank your PPC ad on irrelevant keywords. Google is very strict about its policies, so always keep your content as relevant as possible. In this way, there will be increased chances for you to rank on number one.


There are various types of PPC ads that can help your business in many different ways. You should choose any of the suitable ads according to your business. Remember, you can use more than one type of PPC ad to make your advertising more strong. Every type of ad has its own pros and cons. Some of them are cheap, while others are costly, but still, they generate results. When you are just starting, you should try one or two types of ads to get an idea of what’s working best for you and which type of ads are generating the best results.

Let’s have a look at the types of ads that you can use to rocket start and boost your business.

Search ADS

You search different queries on google and Google shows you the best top results based on your search keyword but have you ever notice that some of the results that you see on the top are actually Google Ads? You may haven’t seen it yet because of mobile devices, and it’s hard to differentiate between an Ad and an organic result. Although there is a little “Ad” tag below the PPC ads, still people are confused. According to research on PPC ads, almost 60% of people are unable to differentiate between Ad and Google organic results.

Let’s take an example. Imagine you are looking for web hosting to host your website. You will obviously open Google page, and then you will search for “Best Web Hosting”, and Google will show you results like this. 

Types of PPC Ads to Boost Your Business 1

Here you can see that the results you see on the top are all Ads and after the 4-5 ads, there is an actual organic page ranking for that keyword. This is how PPC search ads work. A normal person may not even recognise this ad, but if you look closely, there is an “Ad” tag before the URL address. It states that the shown ranking result is actually an Ad placed by some business or a company for the sake of promotion. It doesn’t mean that Google shows useless pages at the top. Google analyses the content of these pages as well. Once they pass the content quality test, then Google will actually show their ads.

While setting your Google ads, you should not target a short-tail or single keyword because the competition will be higher, and the CPC rates will be higher as well. If you are just new to Google Ads, then you should start your PPC campaign by finding some long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are actually less competitive. You have to do your complete research before you select your PPC keywords. Check for the search volume of the keyword and then create a PPC campaign accordingly.

Search intent and your quality content matter a lot. If your content is not approaching the searchers intent, then the user will never be engaged with your content. While you search for the keywords, you should also watch for the intent of the user. Generate your website content around the intent of the searcher. This is the best way to increase your engagement rate and conversion rate.

Display ADS

Display ads are another popular type of ads that you regularly see when you visit a website monetised with Google Adsense. The display ad consists of text and images. These ads are placed on Google partner’s websites.

The display ads are great because you can specifically show these ads to those people who are actually interested. Google provides you with an option to target your specific audience and Google will show the ad to only those people who may be interested in your product.

However, the rules in Display ads are almost the same as the Search ads. You are charged based upon your CPC. For Example, if you have $1.2 CPC rate, then every click on your Ad will cost you around $1.2. 

The impressions matter a lot in Display ads. Many users do not prefer to click on these ads. Display ads are sometimes easily recognisable. When a user leaves an impression to your placed ad, you are charged based upon the CPM. CPM is a term that defines the number of 1000 impressions on an Ad copy. 

If you are looking for the best targeted audience to show your ads, then Display ads can be your best choice. The bid prices for these ads are relatively lower than that of Search Ads. If you are just starting your brand, then Display ads could be your best choice to start with. They are affordable, and these ads can generate some amazing results if they are utilised correctly.

Social ADS

Types of PPC Ads to Boost Your Business 2

Who doesn’t use and love social media? Almost everybody is present on any of the social media platforms but, Do you know that social media is one of the best ways to market your business? Yes, social media is easily accessible by everyone, and there are huge opportunities for businesses to show ads to their targeted audience. This targeted audience could be on any platform such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or Pinterest. 

The amazing thing about social ads is that it provides you with a ton of options. There are various types of audiences on various platforms, and everybody has their own interests, behaviours and education levels. Social media platforms give you an opportunity to leverage these changes to target the best suitable audience. 

You may have experienced many times with Facebook ads that when you are searching for any product on Google or somewhere else. Facebook starts to show you relevant sponsored ads. This is what we call “targeting”. There are more chances for us to buy a product or service if we are really interested in it and in this way, different companies target us on a daily basis to sell their service or product. 

You can generate more leads from social media alone. The social ads are a less costly type of PPC ads. Many businesses love to use social media to promote their brand, and you should start leveraging this opportunity as well. 

Remarketing ADS

As the name suggests, remarketing ads are those type of ads where you retarget your website visitors. Your visitor may have opened your website some time ago, but he did not buy your product. In this case, you can retarget them and convince them to buy your product. When they see you retargeted ads, they will surely like to visit, and this time you can offer them a better deal.

When you retarget your lost visitors, you get another chance to reengage the audience. The remarketing is done for a purpose. If someone has previously visited your website, then it is likely possible that they are interested in your niche, and by retargeting them, you can easily convince them to buy your product and services.

Google Shopping ADS

Google Shopping Ads are another type of ads that are less utilised, but they are powerful. With the help of Google shopping ads, you can easily sell your product or service by directly showing your product on the top of the Google search result page. 

When you place Shopping ads, visitors who search a keyword on Google are able to see the product image and price on the top, and once they click the product, they land straight to your product page. You can use Google ads to run such campaigns. A marketing company can help you to place the ads correctly. When your products are directly visible to the visitor, there are more chances that your visitor will convert into your customer, and the reason is obvious. Just place these ads by keeping user intent in mind. Check if the user is even looking for a product or he is just searching for information. In this way, you will be able to maximise the results.