Are you interested to learn how to make money blogging? Then you are in the right place.

Making money through blogging is very easy and advantage for those who already have a blog. Starting your blog is exciting. It’s a sure thing that you haven’t started your blog only to share your thoughts with the world at large. Like many, you might be hoping your blog could become a permanent source of income.

To your surprise, we have good news for you!

Anyone can monetize their blog.

Yes, but there’s not only one way to achieve your goal. Today we will guide you on how to start earning with your blog

The following are the nine proven ways to turn your blog from an online journal to a real source of income.

Gather the Audience and Develop a Readership

According to our findings, you must build an audience for blog monetization.

Your readers are the backbone of your blog:

Your best blog might seems like a publish diary if you don’t have readers.

Few of us know that ‘Online traffic in and of itself is monetizable.’

Through your blog, the reader will see the ads, and advertisers will pay you for this. Visitors are more likely to foot traffic when it comes to making money through a website. Each reader on your blog is a potential customer for anything you published to sell, and they can be the likely lead for the business who advertises through your platform.

To build the readership, select your audience from DIY Moms to IT admin then makes your content compelling and tempting to them. Your article must answer all the questions that your targeted audience wants to know.

Revealing personal secrets of success is the best way to gain the reader’s attention:

Your article must persuade each reader to return for more useful content. To make other monetization possible, you need to get loyal and growing readership.

Sponsored Blog Post

How to Monetize Your Blog: Money Blogging 1

Sponsored content works wonders in the right scenarios as it is a tried and tested investment for all kinds of blogs. It makes money blogging a big-win.

Time and again, this strategy is not only proven successful for advertisers but also facilitates you to make money blogging at the same time.

Not familiar with sponsored blog content?

It’s when you get the fee from the company for writing their content—or it might be a topic where their product, service, or brand is featured. It’s an incredible deal between blogger and advertiser where both are getting benefits from the relationship.

For getting sponsored post:

You must build trust with your readers. They must have a strong belief that your recommended product/service is worth using. That’s why we prefer you to be truthful when making sponsored content.

If you are already running a massive trafficked blog, then you will deficiently be getting a lot of sponsorship opportunities. They might flood your inbox.

If you are not at this stage then:

  • Find out the handful of products and their companies relevant to your niche
  • List down at least 1o products which you can passionately support and advertise
  • Now you need to find the websites of the top 10 products and look for someone who is working in the marketing department of the company.
  • It’s time to approach them. You can find concerned email addresses through different blogging tools like Hunter or Voila Norbert.
  • Get their email and try to send them a cold emailyou want sponsored content for your readers.
  • You must convince them why they have to offer you sponsored content.


Money Blogging through Affiliate Programs

As an affiliate marketer, your responsibility is to promote products of different brands to your readers. You use your unique affiliate link to that product or service. When the reader clicks on that link while reading, it directs the reader directly to the product to make a purchase. In this process, you earn your commission.

How to Monetize Your Blog: Money Blogging 2

There are plenty of affiliate programs you can join.

I like these:

  • Associate With Amazon

Receive your commission when the reader purchase product from Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is one of our profitable income streams. In this way, you can advertise the product you love and use without maintaining it.

Offer/sell online courses.

How to Monetize Your Blog: Money Blogging 3

Money blogging is effortless if you have the skills to teach others.

Do your readers keen to learn about your expertise in a particular area?

You can easily monetize your skill by creating an online course

Selling online courses to your readers is the most reliable way to make money through blogging.

Initially, you can start with a short-course (less than 60 minutes of video content) on a general niche, which doesn’t require a lot of effort and research.

Sell Your Services 

Many people relate it to selling online courses, that is the one way.

You can make money blogging easy by offering your services to your reader.

  • Companies consultation on an hourly basis
  • You can do SEO of different brands
  • Offer websites or different software to established companies.
  • Design logos, flyers, and other stuff can be helpful
  • Creating copy for different brands
  • Writing sponsored content

A question which might click your mind, from where you can find clients.

 You can approach them through freelancing sites and getting through their emails.

Can you make money blogging?

As you have seen in the articles, the answer is yes! But how much you can earn through blogging? It varies from blog to blog. At the start, you might get a low ratio of profit, but gradually, you will make a handsome income from your blog.

Monetizing a blog is need to build the heavy traffic on your blog. The more audience you have, the more striking you are to publicize.

Piece of suggestion:

Unbeaten bloggers don’t start a blog just for the sake of money. They blog about the topic they are passionate about. They organically generate income from the blog.