Google ranks a website based on many ranking factors. Google does not disclose most of these ranking factors. SEO experts assume these ranking factors by experiencing themselves. It is said that there are almost 200+ ranking factors of Google, and it doesn’t stop there, Google keeps updating its algorithm, and new ranking factors are introduced.

Backlinks are one of the oldest and most apparent ranking factors, but the meaning of backlinks has changed over the past years because of improvements made by Google in their search engine.

Link Building Misconceptions

There are many misconceptions that people may have about link building. Some people think that a high number of backlinks will benefit their website to rank number one, but unfortunately, it’s not true. These tactics used to work in the past, but now you should make links organically. Spammy links will get your website into Google’s alert radar. 

Organic links include those high-quality links that you earn from high authority websites. These links can be gained through many methods, but one of the most highlighted methods is guest posting. 

For some people, backlinks are everything, which is a wrong approach. You should focus on your content more, not on your backlink profile. Visitors will come to your website to get value, and they will not care about your strong backlinks. So, focus on content quality and add value to the other’s life. Once you start focusing more on your content, other blogs will organically give you backlinks after your website is well stable.


Google crawls backlinks

Imagine you are working on a one or two-month-old website on some niche. You are writing content on your website. You are trying your best to rank your keywords on Google, but still, there is no fast result. Why is Google not ranking you? What’s the solution?

First of all, the reason behind no rankings is your fresh website. Google slowly index new websites. It depends on your struggle, that how fast Google crawls and indexes your website.

The solution to slow indexing is backlinks. Backlinks will give a boost to your website, but they must be high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites. 

When you get a backlink from a website that is ranked high in Google, your website will also be crawled by Google through that high profile website where you dropped your link. In this way, Google will take your website seriously because you are now linking to a very good website, and Google will automatically mark you as a credible website. This will help you to rank faster. 

Backlinks send traffic

If you are making your backlinks organically on relevant websites, then you have a chance to get a good amount of traffic to your website. The backlinks with a relevant anchor text will bring more traffic to your website than a naked URL backlink. 

Once your website starts getting traffic from the backlink you made, it will be a good signal to Google, and ultimately it will benefit your website rankings. Anchor text plays an important role, and a suitable anchor text can send a visitor to your website. Just add your links wisely and choose their anchor text correctly. This will obviously send more traffic to your website.

Relevant Backlinks

The backlinks that are relevant to your content are the best. They increase your credibility even more. You should mostly focus on these types of backlinks, which are made on relevant websites of your niche.

Suppose you own a Style blog, and you are trying to get some authoritative backlinks. Now it’s common sense that you have not to make a backlink on the “Health” niche site for a Style blog. You have to find a relevant website where you can make backlinks easily. Those websites should be highly authoritative, or otherwise, your backlink will be of no use.  

Q. Is it possible to rank without building links?

  1. Yes, it is a hundred percent possible to rank without backlinks, but keep in mind that never jump too high. There is no possibility for your new website to rank if you are working on very broad search terms on which some authoritative websites are already ranking. Just start with long-tail keywords, and once Google gives credibility to your website, then target some more broad keywords.

Building Backlinks to Rank #1

You have to keep in mind that content always comes first in SEO. You are doing everything for your content for adding value to other’s life. So once you are focused on your content, then you are capable of applying other SEO tactics

Before you start writing your content, deep research is important for the keyword that you are targeting. Once you have selected your keyword, it’s time to search that query and check the top 10 search results that will appear on the Google search page. Let’s take an example:


These are some results that appeared on the top for the “styling tips for men” query. Now it’s time to check whether your website is powerful enough to beat these competitors. 

To get some details about these search results, you can install a FREE SeoQuake plugin from chrome, and This plugin will help you to get some details about the website authority. Once you enable this plugin, you will see a new bar at the bottom of each search result, just like this:


Here you will see the website age, rank, and much more information. You can get an estimate from here that how hard it is to beat your competitor on your requested search query. If your website is new, then you cannot go for these high competition search queries because you’ll not be able to compete with these high authoritative websites. Still, you can target some long-tail keywords to get some traffic and increase it gradually. 

If the website which appeared in the search results is old, then surely they will have a strong backlink profile. To check their backlinks, you can use a free backlink checker tool by Ahrefs. Just copy the URL from the search result and paste it there. 


For just this specific article, they have 224 backlinks for just one article, so how I am supposed to beat them if I am just starting my new website. It takes time to become authoritative.  

You can repeat the same steps for other search queries to get an idea of how hard is it to rank your article on the particular search query. If your top results have just two or three backlinks, then you can beat them by creating detailed and relatively good content. Just get a single authoritative backlink for your particular article, and you will be on number one in the rankings.


There are several different ways to create backlinks, but you shouldn’t focus on all of them. Just focus on those who will help you gain quality backlinks. 

Tip: Always focus on quality, not quantity.

These are some ways to get backlinks by using different methods. These methods will only get you quality backlinks. The struggle is yours that how you proceed with the idea to get the best out of it.

  • Guest Posting
  • Skyscraper Technique
  • Link Roundups
  • Using HARO
  • Using Infographics 

Guest Posting

Guest posting is one of the best and effective link building methods. You have to target websites with good authority that can be beneficial for you. First, ask yourself a question: Why are you building links? 

  • Is it for making credibility in your market
  • Is it for getting traffic
  • Is it for improving your quality backlinks

You may want to guest post to get all the three benefits, but you have to work hard for the quality content. Now you have to find the right place to write your blog post, make sure that your guest posting website is of relevant niche. Otherwise, link building is of no use. If the content is not relevant and still, you are pushing your backlink for no reason.

You can search for guest post opportunities by simply searching “Your Keyword” “guest post” or “submit a guest post” or “guest post opportunity.” Your keyword should be your niche. Once you search it, look for the websites which are willing to accept your guest posts. Contact them on their provided email address and persuade them enough that they happily accept your guest post. Do not forget to add your website link in the “About Author” section and add some related anchor texts to get backlinks for your posts. 

Skyscraper Technique

The skyscraper technique is very simple to apply, but it is very powerful at the same time. You can get quality backlinks from this technique to outrank your competitors.

Here’s how it works

  • Search for the query on which you want to rank after writing an article.
  • Now, open the top 10 search results that appeared on Google and check their content one by one. 
  • Note down the important things you figure in their content. 
  • Start your research and write a detailed article around that specific search term. The article should be more valuable than your competitor’s content. 
  • Now check the backlinks of the top ten results. See from where they are getting their backlinks. You can use Ahrefs backlink checker or any other tool.
  • Approach those web and start writing them an email. In this email persuade them by saying that you have written a better piece of content, Ask them in a professional manner. Do not beg for the link. If you talk to them nicely, 1 out of 5 people will probably give you the backlink. It depends upon how you communicate.

Link Roundups

Link roundups come into play when you produce very high-quality content that people will actually love. Link roundups combine all weekly or monthly articles that are well written. They put those links onto their link roundup website, and in return, you get a quality backlink. 

The first step is to create a quality piece of content. Once you have the main ingredient, then you can search roundups on google by using a query such as “Keyword” + “Link Roundup.” Once you get to the roundup website, contact the owner, and persuade him with your quality content. Mostly they will agree to add your link if it is really well written. Just impress them, and the link will be yours.

Using HARO

HARO is the best website that directly connects you with the Journalists. It is an opportunity to get the highest quality backlinks from big news websites. Sign up as Source on HARO and then search for people for whom you can write. It’s hard to persuade them, but once you make the right pitch on the written email. They can help you to get the backlink from the news site or any other big website. 

Using Infographics

Infographics are great for interacting with your visitors. They look beautiful, and at the same time, they are very informative too. You can create free infographics from and some other websites. After creating a beautiful infographic, add your backlink on it’s behind. Whenever someone will copy your infographic, and they’ll paste it on their own blog. They will mostly never remove your link because you are the real owner, and as a result, with little effort, you can get quality links as well.


Backlinks are important. You can probably rank without them, but only if your competition is low. On a high competition, you need backlinks to rank on the number one position. If you are just starting, you should start from the bottom. Never ever create spammy links. It will ultimately harm your website, and in some cases, Google may penalize your website.

On a short note, keep building links and keep finding good backlink opportunities but never underestimate the quality. At the end of the day, your content is the biggest ranking factor, and it will stay. So, focus on your content first, and then everything will follow up.