Today, it is the era of IT and social networking where you have to keep pushing in order to stay on the top rank among the competitors. Google ranking is considered to be higher if any page or website has unique SEO optimized content and provides activated link building. SEO results can be seen clearly if a website owner knows exactly what is meant by link building and what type of content is integral for the higher rank of that website on Google charts.

Creating new links is sometimes quite expensive and can be time consuming that is why website owners often feel reluctant to get involved in this activity and want to get some other idea of raising their google ranking. Keeping an eye on SEO requirements and its results demands an SEO expert who knows the art of creating onsite links and maintaining it. But, if you are not capable enough in link building domain then here is a piece of good news for you. There are some other ways as well that can raise your Google ranking apart from content creation and link formation. Though digital marketing is a crucial job but with a little research and diligence, you can also become a successful digital marketer.

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We should change our perception about SEO as previous concepts about SEO have got vague and more details have been explored about it up till now. The truth is that Google always ranks those websites higher that are frequently visited by people as compared to others. In the same way, boring and unattractive websites always fail to attract traffic towards them and so they roll down to the lower rank. Google also like to earn from these top ranking websites through the ads that are displayed on these top-ranked pages. That is why google ranking is considered as an integral part of earning revenues.

No-one can ignore the fact that link building is the biggest ranking factor but we will have a look at the undermentioned ways, and you will Know how google ranking can be achieved without this activity.

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Strategies to Stay on Google Ranking

Social Media Requires constant interaction

Social media is considered as a direct source of building authority, and if your website page is visited heavily by your social followers then this will mark your webpage as a Google authority within the relevant field and google will want to earn from your website by posting ads on it. Social media audiences are the reason for spreading and commenting on your content and making it popular in the social media circle. So, making every effort to engage your target audience towards your social following is the precise and easier way of ranking higher on google ranking.

Add Value to your Page with Non-Linked Mentions

Backlinks are not always necessary to rank you higher on google charts. Staying on the higher authority websites will approve you as an owner of the most reliable and incredible domain if you settle your brand on top ranking websites, it will bring reliability and authority and so you can earn higher ranks without adding backlinks.

Keyword Search and Mapping

Though keyword searches and adding the most relevant keywords to your website will not convert your webpage into a google authority, it will certainly help gain the maximum interaction of the target audience. Social media audience always searches their particular product with the help of keywords, and if your web page content comprises of the SEO optimized keywords then you can avail the rank of the most visited website. In short, proper knowledge of keyword mapping is required to rank higher on google without link building.

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Give Birth to Curiosity

Adding eye-catchy titles to your webpage is a direct source of attracting heavy traffic to your website. People are always attracted by unique and crisp title headings for example if there are a hundred webpages for green tea, a target audience will always click on that page that will show an exclusive heading like ‘amazing secrets about green tea’ instead of clicking that page which only shows a simple ‘green tea’ heading. The result is clear to add those headings and titles to your website that can evoke curiosity in the reader and enforce them to click on your website.

Contrasting and Comparing

If you cannot afford the expenses of hiring a professional content writer for your website that can develop SEO friendly content for your page, then it will be better to go for search analysis. You can compare and contrast your performance on Google search and can have an exact idea of where and why you lack in achieving higher google rank as compared to your competitor’s websites. Visiting their pages and making revisions on your page after having a comparison between their and your content and other stuff will help you generate more traffic towards your website. This will ultimately elevate your google ranking.


Backlinking, link building, and content creation are some of the ways that make any website stay on the top rank of google search. SEO optimization on a daily basis will add more to your page ranking, but if in any case, if you are not able to use link building and content creation, you can still elevate the rank of your website on Google charts. The key is to understand all the alternates that can facilitate your website in attaining more clicks and rank higher.

Keywords and attractive web page headings will ultimately evoke curiosity in your target audience. Moreover, a far better idea can be taken from the competitor’s websites by analyzing their B2B marketing strategies. This age only fits for those who know how to fight for their survival and to promote your company on social networks is the first priority of every business owner. So, learn new ways and rank high on Google with minimum time consumption and expenditure.