Online marketing tactics have seen significant improvements over the years and customer review sites are making a huge impact on our purchasing behavior. Like most of you, I’ve also developed a habit of reading product reviews while making a choice from a set of products. Have you ever done this? I am sure you have! At least, you must have gone through Amazon reviews before purchasing an electric iron, an eBook, or woodcraft, etc.

If you are trying to sell products online, customer review sites can help a great deal; but which review site is best? Selecting one among scores of them is a tough ask, so I’ve decided to list down top 15 with a brief introduction. Let’s begin with the countdown…

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customer review sites

customer review sites

15.G2 Crowd

With over 100k visitors a month, G2 Crowd has emerged as a top-notch review website featuring software reviews. As a buyer, this platform becomes the top-choice to help you reach the best purchase decision. For sellers, the number of visitors on this platform is suggestive of more sales potential. The working of the website is similar to that of Yelp, but G2 Crowd only focuses on software. Reviews range from ease of installation to security issues.

14. Influenster

Looking to buy reliable consumer products, or want to introduce your consumer products to potential consumers? Influenster is for consumer products what G2 Crowd is for software. The website mainly features reviews about skincare, wellness, fitness, and cosmetic products. You can insert the brand name or the name of a particular product and compare multiple products, make your decision and hit the product which directly takes you to the product’s website where you can purchase it.

13. Choice

Based in Australia, Choice focuses on Australian customers. If you want to sell something to Aussies then there is “no better choice but Choice”.  As a seller, you can send them your products for testing and review. Members of the platform test, review, compare and serve the customers with buying guide. I don’t often see so many detailed reviews with genuine feedback. For an Aussie buyer, Choice has to be the best option to look for the reviews before buying a product or service.

12. Trustpilot

From Denmark to over 65 countries, this community-driven platform really progressed by leaps and bounds. Truspilot offers third-party verified reviews for companies. They are also serving businesses with the provision of reliable customer reviews. The good news is that Trustpilot offers a free (Basic) version which facilitates with the creation of a profile page for the collection of customer reviews. Yes, the paid version brings more features which you can check by visiting the website.

11. TestFreaks

Based in Sweden, TestFreaks serves businesses with the provision of seller and customer reviews. What I really like about this website is the addition of Question&Answer feature which allows the potential buyers to ask questions about the product or service and the team of experts responds to the questions in a professional manner. No delays, no fake-bots!

10. Which?

If you are trying to increase sales in the UK then Which has to be the top priority. They don’t entertain reviews from customers, but they do test products and review them to facilitate the customers. The products range from tablets to dishwashers and from credit cards to cars.

9. Salesforce AppExchange

This is one of the best websites to track app reviews and ratings. If you are finding it hard to sell your app, then try this 5-star based review website. The reviews are arranged on the basis of more helpful pros and more helpful cons. Customers have the choice to filter the reviews by date, helpfulness and rating.

8. ConsumerReports

With a track record of more than 7.7 million product reviews, ConsumerReports becomes one of the most credible customer review websites. They don’t accept advertising, amazing! Let me surprise you then, their team tests over 80 cars a year! They purchase the product, test it, and review it! No tricks and no affiliate marketing! It doesn’t get more credible than this.

7. TrustRadius

LinkedIn verified users are allowed to post their reviews about software and digital programs on this website. If you are looking to compare different software programs or developers then I will recommend you to try it. Comparisons are nicely organized through graphics and the rating is based on 5-stars. And I must not forget the provision of buyer guides!

6. Yelp

If you had been wondering about something missing from this list then here it is; I always had it in my mind though! Yelp allows consumers to have their say about a business. As a consumer, you can rate any business on the scale of five stars. For businesses, Yelp offers a free profile page where you can communicate with the reviewers by responding to their reviews. Be patient and polite though! Negative reviews offer you a chance to improve so there is no need to reach aggressively J reputation is the key!

5. Angie’s List

Looking to sell your services to US buyers? This website is considered a high-end platform for the fact that it only offers paid membership to serious buyers. The rating is based on an A-F scale. Anonymous reviews are banned so there is not much room for bluffs. And yes, companies have the option to respond to the reviews.

4. TripAdvisor

Regardless of the page, I open on my laptop screen, TripAdvisor is somewhere, either in the middle or at a corner, telling me about the room prices. If you’re finding it hard to plan your trip then this website has to be your best companion. For hotel and travel agents, presence on TripAdvisor gives a competitive edge. Reviews on this website are based on the personal experiences of the travelers, though, you can rely on most but not all. The good thing is that you can easily reach a better conclusion after comparing scores of reviews.

3.Yahoo! Local Listings

If you think Yahoo! is no more in the game, just relax and rethink! Yahoo! Local Listings works like Google My Business and the reviews on the listings are based on the five-star scale. Even today, Yahoo! enjoys 10% of search engine share.

2. Amazon Customer Reviews

Most of us, if not all, tend to trust customer reviews on Amazon. This website has a huge impact on convincing potential customers to purchase a product. With millions of products available on this platform, the variations and alternatives are also in hundreds. For companies, Amazon reviews can increase sales overnight just because it is the internet’s Megamall.

  1. Better Business Bureau

BBB is arguably the most credible website which evaluates businesses. Best practices provide the basis for the evaluation. I prefer to check BBB rating for online money making programs, MLM businesses, and pyramid schemes, etc. It gives you a clear idea of what to believe and what’s not credible.


It is always a great idea to look for credible reviews before making a buying decision. When it comes to comparison between substitutes or alternates, I recommend you visit the most relevant customer review sites to ensure that you spend money for maximum value.