Conversion rate optimisation is important for every Business. Everyone wants more sales with their limited traffic and for this purpose conversion rate optimisation helps you a lot. Sometimes, you are unable to generate results with even larger traffic because you have not applied CRO to your website. 

CRO is implemented on a website to make it more engageable for the user so that the user takes action, and he is more likely to buy your product or service. To get more conversions, you optimise your content in a way that people automatically get engaged with your content which results in more sales and revenue.

Why is CRO important?

The importance of CRO is very clear. Who doesn’t want to generate more revenue? Who doesn’t want to sell their service or product, but for most of the times, many business owners are unable to do it. They get a lot of traffic, but unfortunately, they do not make many sales. Do you know what the reason is? 

The reason is their content and landing pages which are not optimised for best conversions and results. Their call-to-action texts or buttons are not engaging people. Their visitors do not like their content. There could be many reasons, but for the solution, CRO is here. With the help of Conversion Rate Optimisation techniques, you optimise every page of your website that matters in your revenue or leads. Implementing CRO helps you to generate many sales by little traffic, and this is how we generate extra income by playing smart.

Best Working Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation 1

CRO Strategies for Different Web Pages

So you need to increase your conversion rate? First of all, optimise these pages of your website so that you can attract more customers. 

Index page

Index page or home page of your matters a lot for your conversions. If a visitor directly comes to your home page, then you must send them to your sales page where they can make a purchase. Adding a call to action button to your homepage, and you will instantly see a change in your overall sales. 

You can either add a free signup or free trial button to attract more customers. When somebody will signup to your website, you can grab their email and use it in your email marketing. You can easily convert them to make a purchase if they signed up to your website. 

Chatbots are really popular nowadays, you can add chatbots to your homepage, so when a question pops up in the visitor’s mind, he will obviously use your chatbot, and in this way, he will get engaged with your website. All these methods can help you indirectly to increase your sales.

Pricing page

Your pricing page must be CRO optimised. Why? Because you will make you maximum sales from your pricing page, that’s why it is so important. There are many methods to optimise your pricing page. You can make different offers for visitors such as if you are selling a digital product then you can add monthly prices and yearly prices, give a short discount on yearly prices, and you will see an increase in your sales. 

Describe each and everything about your product and tell your visitors why your product is so special and why they need to buy your product. If you are successful in convincing your visitor, then offer them a great deal that they will easily accept. In this way, your pricing page will be optimised for better results. 


Blogs are one of the greatest opportunities to get the maximum number of sales. Imagine, if you are selling a technology-related product then you can write about all the related stuff that people are searching for.  

Your Blog must be SEO optimised to reach a maximum number of people. When you optimise your product in your articles, you will ultimately generate more sales if you have enough traffic. In order to get maximum traffic, your content should be SEO optimised and look for those topics that people are searching for on Google. 

For conversion rate optimisation in your articles, You can write your articles in such a persuasive way that it engages your user and then you can naturally promote your service and product from your Blog. Never force your buyer to buy your product, create demand first and then sell it. 

Landing Pages

The main focus of your landing page is to convert your visitors into customers, and it is not possible without CRO. You can add good customer reviews on the landing page so that you can create trust in the visitor’s mind. 

Use videos on your landing pages and convince your visitors to buy your product by creating a demand. Conversion rate optimisation works best for landing pages if you know how to do it correctly. Manage your landing page content in such a way that it leads the visitor to your call-to-action button. The call to action button matters a lot to make a sale, and you have to optimise and manage your content to get a customer. 

How CRO help your Business?

Conversion rate optimisation helps businesses in many different ways. The main motive of CRO is to do a lot more with less traffic, and it is the biggest magical thing to increase your sales. 

Let’s see how conversion rate optimisation helps us in many different ways.

Do More With Less Traffic

Traffic is important to generate leads. Without any visitors, all your campaigns would fail. Imagine if you are getting some traffic to your website, but it isn’t that much to make a hundred sales per day then instead of focusing on your traffic, you can focus on your conversion rate.

Getting a ton of traffic never guarantees more sales, but the conversion rate optimisation ensures to get more sales and generate more revenue. Conversion rate optimisation can be easily done by optimising the content of your sale or landing pages. You should make sure that you are getting maximum conversions from your current traffic. 

If you are selling any product or service, always aim for a high conversion rate not for high traffic. Conversion rate is directly proportional to your sales, but high traffic will not sell your products until you have implemented CRO on your website.

Lessens Customer Acquisition cost

As mentioned above, you can focus on your conversion rate instead of your traffic to reduce customer acquisition costs. You must utilise your current traffic to get the maximum benefit out of it. 

Let’s say you get 10,000 visitors per month and your current conversion rate is 10%. Now if you optimise your landing pages and all other pages, you will see an increase in conversion rate. Your conversion rate will now become more than 15%, and with the same amount of traffic, you will be able to generate a lot more income by just making small tweaks and by using conversion rate optimisation techniques.

Focus on Vital Traffic

On your conversion rate optimisation process, you should be focused on the quality traffic and quality pages of your website. If your website is generating fewer leads, then you shouldn’t jump over to optimise your whole website. Just optimise those pages that are already getting good traffic. In this way, you will get higher conversion rates on your well-performing pages.


Best Working Strategies for Conversion Rate Optimisation 2

When we talk about strategies, there are hundreds of ways to perform conversion rate optimisation on your website. Different marketing strategists will suggest many different ways. It’s all about convincing your visitor to become your customer. Now it depends on you that how you actually convince them. Have a look at some practised strategies by professionals.

Use of Social Proof

Social proof is something where we copy the actions of others in order to make a decision. Let’s say we are on the landing page of a product, we like the product, but we are afraid to buy. We suddenly see some good reviews from previous customers and then we confidently purchase the product. This is how social proof plays with our minds. 

This is just one example of social proof, but there are many other types of social proof, such as:

  • Expertise social proof
  • Certification social proof
  • User social proof
  • Celebrity endorsement
  • & Many more

You can add social proofs to your landing pages in the form of some recommendations or testimonials. You can add reviews of your previous loyal customers. Doing these things will help you to establish trust in the buyer’s mind, and he will be more likely to buy your product or service. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

Imagine, you have made a beautiful and engaging landing page. A visitor clicks your website to land on your page, but suddenly, your website takes too much time to load. The user becomes distracted, and he never comes back to your website. Isn’t it painful? That user may have bought your product because of your compelling landing page, but he just bounced back.

To reduce bounce and exit rates, you have to optimise your website for better user experience. There are a lot of factors that help you to optimise your website, but the first thing you look for is the best hosting. 

Your hosting provider should be great, and your website must be mobile-friendly. Most of your traffic will come from mobile devices, and if your website theme is not optimised for mobiles, then your user will ultimately quit without even reading your content. This results in poor rankings and low conversion rates.

Know the Intent and do not overcommit

Always try to understand the user’s Intent. Your website should be getting organic traffic from Google, and the visitor reaches your website by writing a query in google’s search box. You have to understand why that user is searching this query in the first place. Is he looking for the product or Is he just searching for Information? You can construct your landing pages according to the Intent. 

If the user is searching for the product, then that’s great but if he is looking for Information then still you can promote any product. You can fulfil all the Information on your landing page according to the user’s Intent, and once the user gets engaged with your content, now you can create a demand for your product in their mind. In this way, you will see more conversions coming in.

You should create your landing page titles carefully. Some marketers promise a lot of things in the title of a page, but there’s nothing much inside the page. This irritates the user a lot, and they never buy your product. So always focus on the things that you are promising. Are you even providing those details that the user is looking for? If you are just using clickbait techniques, then you should know that clickbait will hardly work here.

Use Videos to Increase Conversion Rate

People like to consume video content more than written content. The videos are a powerful tool to generate a high number of leads in less time with less traffic. Video content is present all over the internet, and people have now started to prefer video content over written text. 

Videos are more engaging than any other type of content. User can consume more information through videos. You can add videos to your emails to maximise your conversion rates. 

When you add a video to your landing page, there are more chances for you to make a sale. According to research, video marketers tend to have more leads that are more than 66% of new leads. People want to see video content in Blogs, and there are 54% of customers that prefer to watch videos on landing pages.


Without conversion rate optimisation, it’s really hard to make more sales for greater revenue. You must use the right conversion rate optimisation strategy according to your market. To optimise your conversion rate, look at what your competitors are implementing and see how well they are performing. In the end, implement everything that can help you make more sales and generate more leads.