Many businesses are struggling to get more traffic to their website. According to them, more traffic will generate more leads, but it is not always true. Traffic isn’t the only factor to get more conversions. There are other factors included, as well. You can generate more leads even if you do not get a ton of traffic to your website. 

How’s this possible? Yes, it is one hundred per cent true if you use the conversion rate optimisation strategies. You will be able to do a lot more with fewer visitors, and your conversion rate will spontaneously increase if you utilise the conversion rate optimisation techniques. 

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

In simple words, the methods and techniques that digital marketers utilise to increase your conversions rate for more revenue are called conversion rate optimisation. 

When a visitor comes to your websites, then it’s up to you how you convert your visitor into your customer. You should know what will work for your business to derive more sales with the help of organic traffic. 

People get interested in your content, and they are more likely to convert into your subscribers or maybe your customer. When any visitors perform a beneficial action for you on your website, it is counted as a conversion.

Importance of Conversion Rate Optimisation

The importance is all in front of you. High conversions bring a high number of sales. If you are using paid advertising to get visitors to your website to sell your product, then the conversion rate is probably a top priority for you.

Imagine you are getting 1000 visits to your website monthly by PPC ads and 50 people are actually buying your product and still, you are not happy with the conversion rate because you are also paying for ads and your profit margin is shallow. In this scenario, Conversion Rate Optimisation helps you. 

You can improve it by making changes to your content or landing page. You can hire someone to do it for you. Write the persuasive content that can convert visitors to your customers. You may not achieve your goals at once but slowly make improvements and keep track of your conversion rate.

How to Improve Conversion Rate?

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is Important 1

As our top priority is to achieve high conversion rates, now the question arises that, how you can improve your conversion rate? Here are some tips to make changes into your landing page and things you need to complete your conversion rate optimisation process.


You will get traffic to your website, but if your goal is to increase your conversion rate, then you should be focused on your landing page with a call-to-action button. 

The first step is to write your content in a way that you are providing value, but at the same time, you are promoting your product. Make your user click your landing page link. Once he’s on the landing page, now it depends on the visitor’s need whether he needs your product or not. You have to create demand for your product in the user’s mind. If you are successfully doing that and your call-to-action button stands out, then you have a high chance to make a sale. 

Imagine your call-to-action button says “Order Now” then you should also persuade your visitor to think that they need your product. Once they get interested, then they will probably click the Order Now button.

Call-to-action button colour?

The colours you are using in your landing page, and call-to-action button also makes a lot of difference. It should be attractive, and your call-to-action button should stand out from the rest of the page.

Call-to-action button text?

Your call-to-action button should create a demand in your visitor’s mind. Tell them why they need your product, what benefits they will get out of it. 

The text on your call-to-action button matters a lot. You can add “Order Now”, but you should go for something else that’s persuasive. Keep it simple but use strong words on your call-to-action button.

Add a Video

Videos increase your engagement rate to a large extent. Visitors are more prone to engage with your video than text, but the video should be short and to the point, do not make it boring by adding unnecessary lines. 

You should know what you are going to say in your video. It could be a whiteboard, or you can record your video with your own face, but it must be useful for your viewer, and it should answer any of the queries in their mind.

Clear Title

The title of your page should be clear. It should not confuse the visitor in any way. Suppose if you are selling a supplement product then add supplement word to the title. If the user is confused about your title, then it’s possible that he will not read further. 

Keep your title focused around your product or service. If it is clear, the visitor will read further, and if he gets interested, then he will surely buy your service or your product.

Adding Phone Number

If you want people to contact you for any questions or orders, then you must add your phone number to the header of the website. It will make you look more credible, and people will trust you, and they may contact you to crack a deal.

The header is the best place to add your number. The user will clearly see it there. The sidebar is good as well, but you should focus more on the header of your website for your phone number.

Use of the word”FREE” 

There are a lot of strong words, just like the word “FREE” that you can use to attract your buyer. The FREE word is powerful. You can use it with your offer. You can give away something as a gift by calling it free for example if you are selling a gaming chair then you can offer your users to “Buy a Gaming Chair and Get Extra Cover FREE”. 

You can use this word on the call-to-action button because it is very effective there. Another powerful, persuasive word is “Ultimate”. Use it accordingly on the right place for conversion rate optimisation.

Live Chats

Provide your users with the facility of live chat. Live chat works incredible, and it is noted that the businesses who use and response to Live chats are more likely to get more conversions. There are many live chat providers that you can search for. Just add the chat option and customise it according to your business. Then the response to your customer’s queries immediately.

Use Images

Images absolutely increase the engagement rate of content. Two or three relevant images should be present in your content. These images can be infographics. You can create free infographics online as well. 

Images should be high-quality but light in weight. They should be placed at the right section of your landing page. Never add irrelevant images because they are of no use, and they will not help you to increase your engagement rate.

Your Brand Badges

You may have some badges or achievements in your industry. If you have some, then add those achievements to the sidebar of your landing page. This will significantly make a huge difference, and it will increase your trust factor.

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

Why Conversion Rate Optimisation is Important 2

Of course, there are tons of benefits if you have got conversion rate optimisation right. The biggest benefit you get is that your conversion rate become high, but that’s not the only benefit of CRO. Here are some other benefits as well.

Rise in Profits

Once the main motive of conversion rate optimisation is fulfilled, it will result in increased profits. If you are running a PPC campaign, then more people will convert to your customers because you have already accomplished CRO for your page. 

Profits will significantly increase. You will be able to spend more on your PPC ads to target a huge audience, and as a result, your income will go up after excluding all the advertising cost. 

Helps in Affiliate Marketing

In the event that you work with affiliate advertisers, and numerous online retailers see this as a decent method to get the news out about their items, through a stage that as of now has a drawn in group of spectators, CRO makes your site increasingly significant to your affiliates, and to some other promoting stages. 

At the point when a higher number of clients who navigate to your site page really make a buy, your affiliates, pay per click publicists, web-based life showcasing efforts, and so forth., make more since you are making more. CRO is a success win answer for both the online retailer and accomplices.

CRO works instantly

Dissimilar to search engine optimisation that can take a very long time to show genuine, positive outcomes, conversion rate optimisation gives quick outcomes. 

When the progressions are made, and your site pipes clients towards making a buy, you will see a higher rate of clients making those buys, rather than deserting to your opposition and making their buys there. The best part is, CRO is long haul results; however, needs persistent improvement and testing.

Understanding Customers

The information picked up from your association’s CRO crusades just as being quantitative and enabling you to gauge site execution likewise gives you subjective information and enables you to find increasingly about the conduct of your optimal potential petitioners. Enabling you to take a gander at how they connect with your legitimate site and the kinds of substance they draw in with most. 

This implies no CRO test can be viewed as a disappointment in light of the fact that you may need to return to the planning phase as far as the progressions you are making; you will do as such with significantly more data on your optimal group of spectators’ conduct which will just guide you to make upgraded components and pages for your site.

Repeated Customers

Conversion Rate Optimisation doesn’t only bring you, new customers. It is also utilised to retain your customers. While you are selling a product to your customer, ask for their email and then use that email to connect with your old customer.

You can create new offers for your returning customer. If your product or service is valuable, then the customer will happily pay you again. In this way, your old customers can help you to increase your income extensively.

CRO is very inexpensive

Conversion rate optimisation requires little to no cost. You can do it by yourself if you are involved in marketing but if you are getting it done with the help of some professionals then still they will not charge you much money.

You should first focus on your conversion rate optimisation before you actually run your ads. The biggest reason behind it is that its free of cost and it shows immediate results so first focus on something that is effective and less costly.

Brand Trust

When you improve the overall look and content of your website, you will look more legitimate, and people will start recognising you even more. Conversion Rate Optimisation is not only to get more conversions, but it also benefits your overall brand. You will be seen as some professional brand with a lot of credibilities.

You can add your customer reviews to the sidebar of your website to push the trust factor even more. Once people start trusting your brand, it will become more easy for you to get high conversions. In this way, the customer will get their desired results, and you will generate more revenue.


Conversion rate optimisation is a great thing if you are serious about your conversion rate, You can use this method to optimise your sales pages and landing pages before you even advertise them to the search engines or other platforms.

Many marketing companies can help you with CRO to get your desired result. So do not delay to leverage this big conversion opportunity because these changes can give a boost to your business.