You probably have received emails coming up from various companies and businesses. Some of them are those companies for whom you register using your email address, that’s why they are sending you an email as a part of their Email Marketing campaign. 

But have you ever wondered, how other companies are targeting you using email? There are many possibilities, you may have used your email on their website to receive a reward just like an eBook, or maybe the company has bought an email list from someone in which your email is also included. 

Email marketing is absolutely effective in today’s age, as well. It is not dead. However, new marketing techniques are coming up, which are better than this strategy but still, you can do a lot more with emails.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a way to reach new customers as well as repeated customers. It is one of the oldest ways of marketing, but it’s still effective. You can promote your brand or product by writing a good email copy, or you can keep your users updated with your new blog post through email.

Email is a direct marketing strategy in which you are targeting people directly to their email inbox. Email marketing is a great way to get more conversions if your writing is persuasive enough.

The email marketing is still on its rise, and it is not dead by any means. Many big brands are using email marketing techniques to reach their customers. 

You can make amazing offers to your customers through email marketing. It is easy to send one well-written email copy to thousands of your email subscribers and then wait for your customers to make a move. Your email should be professionally written, containing fewer words that are enough to persuade them. 

Why Is It Used?

Email marketing can be used for various goals and motives. Some businesses may use email marketing to promote their product or services while other businesses may use it as a part of their marketing campaign. 

With the help of email marketing, you are able to build a relationship and trust with your new customers. Your engagement rate is increased if you are utilising email marketing in the right way. 

The small businesses that are on low budget use email marketing to market their brand. Email marketing is a very cost-effective way to reach your customers. The copywriting skills are required to write an email copy that actually sells your product. Otherwise, your customers will ignore your email. So sending email is not enough, getting leads through your email is the goal that you have to achieve so use it wisely and effectively.

Email Marketing Softwares?

Email marketing software is a must if you want to keep track of your marketing campaign. With the help of this software, you can get every tiny bit of information about the performance of your email, and it will show the behaviour of people towards your email. 

MailChimp is widely trusted and used by many users, and you can try it as well. The tool can give you information like the conversion rate, bounce rate or click-through-rate. In this way, you can make improvements to your written emails and then you can re-test it to see if it works or not.

What is Email Optimisation?

Sending a well-written email is not enough. If you are sending out your emails on inappropriate times, then it’s likely possible that many people will never read it because they could be busy. 

The proper email optimisation is needed for this part. Many good email marketing software provides you with the statistics that which is the best time to send your mail out there. You should send your emails when your targeted audience is free of any burden. People mostly check their mobile phones when they wake up or when they are free in the evening. 

Moreover, content optimisation is required for your emails if your audience is not engaging with your emails. If people are opening your email, but still they are not performing an action, then your email needs to be changed. Get a well-written persuasive email so that your audience reads it with interest. 

Email Marketing Practices

How can Email Marketing can help your Business 1


Email marketing is not that easy as it seems. The process is pretty easy but sending right emails to the right people is a real task. Likewise, other marketing techniques, there are many strategies in email marketing, as well. You have to do these practices to make your email marketing campaigns more effective. 

Defining your goals

You should always have defined goals for every marketing technique, whether it’s paid search marketing or SEO. Ask yourself a question. Will email marketing be beneficial for your business or not? If your answer is YES, then you should think about all the possible achievements you can unlock through email marketing.  

Most businesses usually start with these common goals, and they want more sales, more traffic and more trust in the market. Here are those common goals most businesses want to achieve through email marketing

Conversion Rate Improvement

Who doesn’t want to improve their conversion rate? There are various methods to potentially increase your conversion rate and email marketing is one of them. With email marketing, you will be able to engage more people directly through their inbox, so there is no barrier between your business and the user. That’s why email marketing is so good to get a high conversion rate.

To Increase Traffic

Good content is always the first priority, but the content without visitors is of no use. If you are starting a blog around your business and there is zero traffic, then you can leverage email marketing opportunity however you can also use it to re-target your visitors who have just subscribed to your website by providing their email. 

To Increase Revenue

The biggest motive of any business is to provide value to people in order to generate revenue. If you are already getting some visitors to your website, then email marketing can help you to crack some deals with your visitors or subscribers. You can create an amazing offer for them so that they become eager to buy your product or service.

Automating your Email

When you are just starting, it’s better to send emails by yourself but once you grow to a stage where you have a lot of email subscribers and new people are subscribing to your blog then you can automate the email marketing process.

Automating the process will result in better engagement and more conversions because everything is now on point and right time according to your automated instructions. 

There’s a lot of things you can offer with email marketing. Image, a person, has just subscribed to your blog with his email address, and a hundred people are subscribing daily. Do you have enough time to connect with each of them? Of course not, that’s why email automation is so effective. You can automate the process to send welcoming emails to your new subscribers. In this way, it will be easy to engage with your visitors to convert them into your loyal customers.

Many blogs use a strategy to send free items such as eBooks, audiobooks etc. to develop a relationship with their customers. You can do the same if you want to engage more people to achieve more sales. 

Email Marketing Benefits

How can Email Marketing can help your Business 2

Email marketing offers you a ton of benefits. Most of these benefits resonate with the advantages of other marketing techniques.

The email marketing works perfectly fine for small to large scale businesses, but it is more effective for small businesses because it’s not expensive. The big brands have big budgets so they can utilise other marketing techniques such as paid advertising through social media or search engines.

Here are some email marketing benefits that can help you in many ways

Customer Relationship

You are doing everything for your customers. Aren’t you? There are other marketing techniques as well that can be used to build strong customer relations, but email marketing is something special because here you get an opportunity to land your message directly to the customer’s email box. This is the best way to interact with your customers.

Suppose someone just bought your service or product and they are your one-time customer. So the point here is how you can make them your repeated customer? Email marketing is one of the best ways around to re-target your previous customers and offer them new products and services at a discounted price. In this way, your customer will trust you, and they will stay loyal to your brand.

Unique Brand

Uniqueness is important in today’s developing business world; otherwise, nobody will recognise you. To present your self as a unique brand, you can use email marketing as a tool. 

When you hit inboxes of various subscribers with your brand name and logo, they will automatically recognise it, and then at some point, your brand name will be permanently saved on their minds. Consider examples of big brands just like Gucci, and we can recognise it from far just by seeing its logo. That’s how branding works, and email marketing can do it for you to a large extent. 


Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways of marketing available today. It’s inexpensive, but still, email marketing holds a lot of reliability. 

You can say that email marketing is the best marketing tool for small businesses to specify because they are mostly on low budgets. Never underestimate it for your business if you really want to generate some income by investing less on paid marketing. 

Connecting with the Current Audience

Audience and customers are always the first priority for any business. You get an opportunity to make your audience addicted to your content. This can be effectively done by email marketing,

Your content should always stand out to implement this technique. Suppose you have a large list of email subscribers then the best thing you can do to promote your content is to write an email to your subscribers. Do not spam their inboxes but you can write them an email after you produce new high-quality content.

Boost Sales

You have to sell your product or service in order to make a handsome amount of money but getting sales is not that easy. You have to go through a whole process of marketing in order to increase your sales, and email marketing lies somewhere in between that helps to boost your sales. Running an email marketing campaign along with a tailored SEO campaign can gain some huge leads and sales.

The use of email marketing for the sake of sales is possible. You have to make an extra effort to perfectly design and write your email. You may need to hire a copywriter who will do this task for you. The email is actually the game of the words, and the most persuasive words bring increased sales. 

Professionality in Business

When you write proper emails to subscribers, they create a professional image of your brand in their minds. This professional image helps to make your brand popular. The impression you give to the reader can help you to make them your customer so be professional and give you best to your email copy. The better your email, the professional you look.

Immediate Results

Email marketing gives you straight and clear results. Just writing emails to your targeted audience will decide your results. Once the reader has opened the email, now it depends on him and your email that how he interacts. If he loses his interest, then he may do not like your offer. If he makes an action, it’s likely possible that he actually engaged with your content.

You can check the user’s behaviour towards your email with the help of analytics provided by your email service provider, and you can make changes according to the statistics and user behaviour. 


Just like any other marketing technique, email marketing is equally important for businesses, but you should know the correct way to execute it. Small businesses are benefited the most with this marketing technique. So never ignore its strength and start utilising it today.