We always give more importance to Brands. Have you ever wondered WHY? Because brands are more trustable and they have built their trust over time. A Brand has it’s a unique identity. There are many clothing and car brands that people trust. Some of these Brands are over expensive just because of their identity.

Establishing a brand is important if you want to expand your business. When you establish a brand, people start to trust you, people start to recognize you, and now you have more options to expand your business. It takes some time and a proper strategy to build a Brand. You have to market your brand in order to get it recognized. 

What is Branding?

Branding is something that helps your business to develop its own identity in the market. Branding plays a main role in the exponential growth of any business whether it is a clothes business or food business, For Example, big fast-food brands like KFC, they are present all over the world with their own unique identity that’s the reason of their popularity. 

Branding brings clarity to a lot of things. In the branding process, you get to know a lot about the people whom you are targeting and why they are coming to you. So now the question arises, what are those things that can help me to create my own brand identity? Here are some things that will obviously help you to stand out from the rest of the businesses.

  • Unique Brand Name
  • Unique Logo
  • Your Color Scheme
  • Brand Slogans
  • Fonts
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Messages

For a unique identity, first of all, your name should be unique. A unique name doesn’t mean a random name. The unique name should be pointing to your business. Brand names are mostly one to two words long. Random Names also work for some kinds of businesses but try to make it unique and keep it relevant.

Logos are important. Logos convey many messages to your users or customers. The colors used in logos matter a lot. For Example, let’s take an example of the KFC logo, Red color is prominent there. You will see most food brands using red colors because the red color creates a hunger for food in the observer’s mind. There are many types of logos, so you should choose one that suits your type of business with the relevant color schemes.

Another important thing is your brand, slogans. They clearly convey your message. Just like your unique brand name, your brand slogans should be unique. Keep them short, and they should describe the service or value you are providing in very few words.


What Is Branding?


Why Brand your Business?

We unconsciously trust brands, do you know why? Because other people are also trusting them, and they are getting value from them. When we buy some products and services from a brand, we are more satisfied. Local businesses may provide good services, but if they are not a brand, our trust level is not that much.

A brand creates a wall of trust in the buyer’s minds. The buyer sees a brand as a trusted company because everything looks fine to him if they have good reviews online, and they are performing well. Popular brands are trusted worldwide because they have made their brand trustable in a long period of time. You can do so as well. Just promote yourself as a unique brand and then grow it gradually, people will start to recognize you, and you will finally create that trust factor in their minds.

Have you ever shopped from a brand sale? You will see that brand stocks are empty within the opening of their sale, just because people see two factors, on is the brand name, and the other is the “sale” that triggers their mind to buy everything they can. 

Defining your Brand

Before you start branding your business, you have to define yourself. You have to define your brand Goals. You have to ask yourself why I am actually establishing a brand. These are some questions that will give you clarity about the direction of your brand.

  • What are your brand goals?
  • What are you offering to your customers through your brand?
  • What is your company image in the mind of your current customers?
  • What makes you different from the rest of the market?
  • Why should people trust your brand?

Answer these questions to yourself, and then you will be able to define yourself as a brand. You will be able to determine your current position and your destination. Once you have clarity, then with focus and work, you can take your brand from your current position to the destination you want.

Defining your brand is one thing, but establishing it is the main task. As we know, a unique brand name, unique logo, and unique brand slogans are crucial for a brand identity. Now let’s talk about some other things that help to establish your brand.

Messages are of great importance in communication. When you establish a brand, it happens to communicate with your customers. Communication is important, and it should be treated the same way with every customer. Write down a set of messages that represent your brand attributes, and everyone in your business should be aware of it. 

You have to be loyal to your customers and brand. If you want yourself to grow, then provide value to your customers. Do not let them dis-satisfy with your product or services. Always try to make them happy. Do not commit something that your business cannot do. Always over-deliver, and then your satisfied customer will not only return to you, but he will also suggest you to his friends and family.

Design your whole business, choose a good color scheme representing your business, and then use it everywhere on your website. Get your logo designed and just keep it simple according to your market. Fancy things are not important, keeping it simple can do a lot more for you than any fancy element. 

How to Build a Brand?

Once you have correctly defined your brand goals, then it’s time to step further. Defining your brand is a crucial step that is already explained. Now here are some other steps you have to take in order to develop your brand.

Your Targeted Customers

Defining your targeted audience narrows downs your buyers list. Your business might not be targeting everyone, including kids, adults, and women. So you have to define the boundaries and then brand yourself according to your audience. 

For determining your audience, you have to ask these questions to yourself. It will give you clarity about the people you are going to target:

  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • What is the age bracket of your customers?
  • What is their education level?
  • What is their gender?
  • What matters to your customers?

After getting your answers to these questions, you will have a clear mind about the customers you are exactly targeting. Analyzing your targeted customers help you throughout your business. When you create marketing strategies for your business, you will need to determine your targeted audience. You have to analyze your targeted audience first before you get into the actual process or brand building. 

Online Brand Presence

Online presence is important for every well-established brand. You can do a lot more with online brand presence. You get an opportunity to get customers online from your social media presence. People engage with you, and they are more likely to buy your product and service.

Social media platforms such as facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are all great for your social media campaigns. You have to post content on your social media handles to keep your audience engaged with you. The content can be of any form, and it can be in the form of images, videos, or simple text. Do not post random content on your handles because it doesn’t make you look professional. Generate your own content and post it according to your strategy.

There are many advantages to promoting your brand online. You get an opportunity to reach thousands of people around you. Advertising on social media platforms is another great way to show your online presence. The good thing about social media advertising is that you can narrow down your targeted audience in order to get the best possible results. 

Suppose you run a restaurant that targets “Thai food,” now you want to brand that restaurant, and you are using social media for this purpose. Now, if you have your restaurant branch in one city, then you can target the audience present in that city, especially by using Facebook advertising. You can also target people based on their interests. In this way, there are more chances for them to become your customers.


What Is Branding


Branding Social Media pages

Your social media handles need to be branded. As you probably have your brand logo till now. Use that brand logo on your pages. Use it in your profile pictures. Add other media related to your brand to make your page look more professional. In this way, you will attract more people and, ultimately, more customers.

If you can produce video content around your business that adds value to the life of your customers, then you can create your own youtube channel and then promote your videos on various social media platforms as well. Youtube is a great tool that can help your brand to grow exponentially if you use the right strategy.

A Blog around your Brand

You may have seen many bloggers that earn a handsome amount of income by just publishing their articles and by getting them ranked. Many of these blogs are publishing content around their own personal brand. Even their domain names are the same as their brand names. 

Blogs are a great approach to reach a new audience and convert them into your customers. If your brand is related to clothing, then you can post clothing articles that can help someone in some way. Within these articles, you can silently promote your brand. If you get some of your articles ranked on the top of Google, then you will probably be able to get some new customers. So start a blog around your business as soon as possible and then promote your brand through it.

Customers Always First 

If you are really serious about promoting your brand, then you have to look for the customer advantages first. If your first priority is to earn as much money as you can, then Branding cannot help you. Never be greedy, put your customers first, and serve them first. When you start serving your customers first by adding more value, you will ultimately earn more revenue because your customers will always return to you. So always keep your values up and never do anything just for the sake of yourself.

Business Partnership

Another great way to get your brand recognized is to partner with other brands that are already performing well in the market. Approach these brands and make a good offer to them. Suppose if a big brand in your industry partnerships with you, then their trust will flow towards your own brand. In this way, their customers will also trust you, and you may get some customers from there. 

You will find many brands in the market where your customers are already dealing. So you just have to find those golden brands and then ask them for a partnership by dropping a good offer. If the offer feels good to them, then they will make their decision to a partnership with your brand.


Branding can take your Local business to an unseen level, but you need to change your approach. Leverage all the opportunities you get and never miss on them. Just keep your designs and color schemes on point because it matters a lot. Never ever put your benefits first, learn to provide value, and customers will return to you. Use paid advertising or marketing techniques if that can help you.