Blogging is a great way to convert your passion into a full-time business. You can continue blogging as a part-time business, or you can expand it so much that it eventually becomes your main business brand.

However, Blogging is not that easy as it may seem. Patience is very important to see some results. If you just keep uploading random content on a website, that will not rank if you are not paying attention to content quality and search engine optimisation. There re millions of blogs present on the world wide web that are helping us in some way. Google and other search engines rank these blogs so that people can get some value from these blogs. 

What is a Blog?

A Blog basically consists of information relating to a specific niche or topic. The content of these blogs is updated consistently. There are many blogs that are multi-niche, where information about many different things is posted. Many news blogs post everything related to current affairs. Likewise, there are millions of blogs online that serve users in different ways. 

A professional Blog is something where you manage each and everything from your website design to your website content. You target a specific market, and then you try to get more and more people engaged with you. A strategy is really important if you want to start your own professional Blog. 

Who should start a Blog?

There are various reasons that inspire people to start their own websites or blogs. Some people start a blog based on their interests, and some want to do it professionally while other people are just behind the money that is not the right thing.

  • Making Money: Blogging obviously rewards you with money. You can earn enough with Blogging that you may want to quit your job, but it is not so easy. Blogging needs more attention than your job. You have to determine hundreds of things while you are just starting. If you are running behind money without any expertise, then you will fail. It’s not about the money you get, it’s about the value you provide, and the money follows you.


  • Brand Growth: You may already have a well established offline business but, Do you know that you can expand your business online with the help of Blogging? Blogging can obviously help you to promote your brand by reaching millions of people. You can run your Blog on your brand name, and there you can write valuable articles for the users that engage them. Ultimately, your revenue will start coming from your online brand presence.
  • Story Telling: Do you have experience in a specific field of life? If it’s true, then you can start a Blog around your life. You can share your life experiences that add value to the lives of others. You can share the lessons you got at various places. Storytelling is a great idea to Blog if you know the art of engaging people with your words. If your style is just boring, then people will not get engaged with your story. The story can be any experience in any niche, but make sure that it’s worth sharing with visitors. 

How to Start Your own Blogging Career: Step By Step 1


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There are various things that you need to set up in order to publish your Blog on the world wide web. The foremost thing is to brainstorm your Blogging ideas. You need hosting and domain to make your Blog live, and other knowledge is important to get people on your Blog. Let’s move step by step to start our own blogging career.

1 – Decide your Niche

Your niche is important. The topic you select for your website is the main thing for which you will work for the whole time on your Blog. Some people select the website or Blog niche according to their taste and their own considerations, while Professionals may select any profitable niche from where they can get more people to their website to generate more revenue.

If you are just a beginner, then you should choose your niche based upon self-interest because you are new to Blogging. For example, you may be interested in Technology. Then you can explore something specific that falls under the technology niche, and it could be anything like best technology gadgets. Always try to narrow down your niche from a bigger niche to its branches. It will help you to generate better results. 

You should also check for competition in your niche, and competitor analysis is a part of search engine optimisation that you have to learn in order to make some revenue by reaching more people with the help of search engines. 

2 – Buy a Domain

A domain name totally depends upon your brand or niche. If you are promoting your brand, then your domain name should probably match the name of your brand. If you are targeting any niche, then keep your domain name relevant to the niche, do not use random names. Always try to use short and nice domain names that are easy to remember.

Purchasing a domain name is easy. There are hundreds of domain name providers. You can search “domain name” to get a list of providers. Buy your domain name from any of the top providers by completing your research. 

3 – Buy a Hosting

A hosting is obviously needed to make your website live on the internet. Hosting is a server space on the internet where data of your website is stored. The domain is connected with the hosting to make them work together. 

Setup is pretty easy. You can learn it from youtube or Google in no time. Make sure that you purchase a good hosting that stays up for all time. It should be able to load your website faster so that users can enjoy your content without any problem. 

Some of the big hosting providers are NameCheap, Hostinger and GoDaddy, etc. 

4 – Install WordPress

After you have got your domain and hosting ready, it’s time to install a CMS on your hosting to make your website run. CMS is a content management system from where you control everything, such as web structure, design, and content of your website.

There are various CMS from where you can control the functioning of your website. One of the most convenient CMS used by most Bloggers is WordPress. WordPress is used by a large number of websites because it’s very trustable and easy to use. 

You can easily customize your website theme by drag and drop options. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress that make everything even easier for you.

Most hosting providers give you an option to install WordPress with one click directly. If the option is not present there, then you have to install WordPress on your website manually. It is very easy:

  • First, you have to download WordPress source files.
  • Now upload those files on your hosting.
  • Create a MySQL database.
  • Now configure your Wp-config file.
  • Start the installation.

If the process still confuses you, then you can check it on Hostinger’s page.

5 – Design 

Design is important in order to engage people with your Blog. Design without content is nothing, and content without design looks empty. So you have to take care of both at the same time. Before you start writing content on your Blog. You should first change your Blog Template. There are hundreds of free templates available in the Appearance tab in WordPress. Choose a template that suits your niche.

After choosing the template, you can edit it. Edits are required to move different elements present on the page or to change the appearance a little bit. Just keep everything managed and beautiful. Do not go for a messy look or colors that may irritate your users. Just keep it simple and elegant. 

Another important point is the Responsiveness of your theme. Your theme should be responsive to all devices. Visitors will visit your Blog form different devices, so you have to make sure that your Blog is working fine for all devices, especially smartphones.

Your theme should be light-weight and search engine friendly. This will help your website to rank better in the search engine results. Search engine optimisation is the key to rank your website, so you should learn it’s basics in order to make the best use of it. Build your website based upon SEO so that you can rank better than others.

6 – Plugins for WordPress

How to Start Your own Blogging Career: Step By Step 2

Plugins are important in SEO and for website functioning features. WordPress is known for the plugin options, which gives it the ability to do a lot more without writing a single line of code. These plugins can make SEO easy for you, and some of them can make your content even more engaging. 

Yoast SEO

If you do not know much about SEO, then the Yoast plugin is there to help you. The Yoast plugin helps you to automate your Search Engine Optimisation tasks. It makes SEO easy for you. You can change permalinks, meta descriptions, etc. The Yoast SEO suggests the best practices to make your content more engaging and useful for viewers. It also helps your content to rank better in the search engines. 


Another useful plugin to get more email subscribers. The OptinMonster is specifically made to convert your maximum readers into your email subscribers. With the growing subscriber list, you can convert your viewers into your customers by promoting a product. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing, and it is cheap as well. Use this plugin and see the results yourself.


The images on your homepage and your whole Blog need to be compressed. The reason for the compression of these images is page speed. Page speed is a ranking factor for Google search engine. If you do not compress your images, your page will take time to load, and the visitor will get irritated due to page load time. The compressed images load faster; that’s why it is always suggested to use an image compression plugin just like Smush. 

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a must to have plugin because it helps your website load even faster, and ultimately you rank better than others. WP rocket is used to cache pages present on the website. It is packed with many features that can optimise your website for a better user experience. 

Easy Table of Content

Imagine, you have published a three thousand words article on your Blog. The visitor comes to your website, and he finds it hard to go to the specific part of the page where he wants to read the content. The table of content plugins minimizes this problem for the visitors. Visitors can jump straight to any point they want, and they can easily read the content. This will provide a better experience for your visitor, and he may visit your website again because you have managed everything so nicely. 

Custom Sidebar

Sidebars aren’t only for ads or your category pages. There are a lot more things you can do with your sidebars, but the whole website has the same sidebar at all pages. It can be customized by using a custom sidebar plugin. With custom sidebar plugin, you will be able to change sidebar elements of every page, whether it is your article sidebar or your homepage sidebar.


Website backups are important, and website owners are always recommended to take the backup of their files. Anything can go wrong at any time. A hacker may attack your website, and you can lose all your website data. Manual backups are a pain. WordPress is loaded with data backup plugins, and BackUpBuddy is one of them. These plugins can automatically take the backup of your website data on a weekly or daily basis. 


Starting your own blog is not the biggest achievement, but making your Blog run is a big thing. These are just basics. You have to go further if you are planning to start your own blog to earn a good amount of money. Patience is important. You will see the results after a while, or maybe after your unsuccessful blogs, you may taste success but always keep trying and Happy Blogging.